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Turtle Island Will Help Secure the Future for Endangered Turtles and Reptiles

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Updated 10:22 AM CST, Tue, December 12,2017

Graz, Austria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/12/2017 -- Plans are in place to establish Turtle Island, a modern facility in Graz, Austria that will make a fascinating visitor attraction and act as a haven to protect and research turtles. More than 60 percent of all turtle species are listed as endangered. The founders of Turtle Island are passionate about preserving these incredible, pre-historic creatures.

Turtle Island will be a brand-new, modern facility where visitors can relax, observe and get close to the turtles. Children will be able to touch the animals in a special Petting Zoo and learn about the environmental challenges that turtles face and explore primitive cultures through art projects.

The Founders of Turtle Island, Peter Praschag and his father Reiner Praschag, are qualified to make Turtle Island a success. Peter Praschag has a Master and Doctor of Natural Science and Zoology and completed a Ph.D dissertation on ecology, taxonomy and phylogeny of South Asian Turtles. Reiner Praschag is a Doctor of Engineering and Architecture and completed a Ph.D dissertation on aquarium and terrarium construction. They will be supported in their quest by a talented team of scientists, experts and turtle lovers who have extensive skills and qualifications in veterinary medicine, zoology, biology, natural sciences and all aspects of animal husbandry, turtles, reptiles and endangered species.

The Praschags are already caring for around 1000 turtles. Many of the 125 different turtle species among them are classed as critically endangered. Turtle Island aims to ensure the species' survival by providing ideal conditions for breeding, which will be backed up by the extensive research that will be carried out on-site. Turtles that have been saved from illegal activity will be able make Turtle Island their new home.

Turtle Island needs a greenhouse, 15 aquariums, filters, UV lamps, water heaters and food. Environmental enrichment structures, nesting sites and gravel will provide the turtles with optimal living conditions in landscaped habitats. Funds are needed for the project and those that donate on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, can secure a reward by way of thanks. Perks include a turtle coffee mug, a handmade turtle key fob, collectible turtle stamps, a personalized tour of Turtle Island when it opens, an exclusive oil painting of a specified turtle species, or a half day helping to care for Greg, a gigantic 220lb alligator snapping turtle.

Turtle Island is recognized as a scientific institution and animal shelter by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and will be a rescue center that can care for reptiles as well as turtles.

To find out more and become a Turtle Hero, visit the Indiegogo page here: igg.me/at/turtle-island.

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