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Remove Graffiti Vandalism from Shore Boardwalks to Attract Visitors

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Updated 11:19 AM CDT, Tue, June 04,2019

Norwood, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2019 -- When warm weather strikes, shore points up and down the East Coast can expect a surge of visitors. In fact, these communities depend on a healthy tourism industry for financial success. Whether visitors are going for a swim in the ocean or taking a stroll along the crowded boardwalk, excitement quickly fades when it becomes evident that the area is a frequent target of graffiti vandalism. An overwhelming amount of graffiti on a boardwalk can significantly hurt local businesses and shops, as well as the entire reputation of the area.

Boardwalks typically have a lively nightlife, while daytime activities attract young children and parents from all over. When places that are frequented by children are vandalized, families avoid visiting and shopping there. Fortunately, Taginator has created a liquid solution for safely and effectively removing graffiti tags. With Taginator and Tagaway products, property owners can lift away graffiti stains from boardwalk shops, buildings, benches, and signs.

Taginator products are EPA compliant and are the most affordable and effective graffiti removal solutions on the market. Taginator is ideal for hard surfaces, while Tagaway works on smooth surfaces. Whether brick walls are defaced along the boardwalk, or street signs and doors are vandalized, Taginator has the solution to remove all graffiti stains on various materials and surfaces.

For over 20 years, Taginator has been assisting individuals looking to restore local communities and their image. This season, remove terrible eyesores from beloved shore boardwalks with Taginator and Tagaway graffiti cleaners. Enjoy the spring and summer season at the shore with family and friends without exposing young children to inappropriate language. Give Taginator a call today at 877-824-7763 to inquire about their fast-acting, affordable graffiti tag removers.

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In a city with the historical significance of Philadelphia, countless properties and landmarks are defaced daily by aspiring street artists and mischievous youth looking to leave their mark on society. Not only does vandalism decrease the quality of life in a community, but constant cleanings are also an expensive, yet necessary burden property owners must manage. For over 20 years, Taginator & Tagaway products have provided customers with an easy, affordable, and environmentally-friendly way to erase graffiti and permanent markings without causing harm to the surface of building materials.

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