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NuvoH2O Offers Revolutionary, Salt-Free Water Softening Systems

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Updated 10:34 AM CDT, Tue, July 23,2019

Clearfield, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2019 -- Given that water is the most essential resource for human beings, one would think that our modern society would take a more advanced approach to condition the water we use each day. Traditionally, property owners have relied on costly salt-based water softening systems, or no system whatsoever.

As the proud creators of the most innovative salt-free home water softener system to hit the market, NuvoH2O® encourages home and business owners to harness natural powers of citrus to stabilize their property's hard water.

Rather than traditional salt-based water softeners, which deplete the minerals in the water, NuvoH2O's CitraCharge® technology brings water back into balance with natural rainfall by reducing pH to bring it closer to what is found falling from clouds. This process is in addition to the citrus formula in NuvoH2O binding and isolating the hard water minerals, rendering them incapable of binding to surfaces, causing scale.

When customers turn to NuvoH2O to install whole home water softeners in their residence, they not only feel the improvements of their water quality but they can watch limescale build-up vanish before their very eyes. That's right, NuvoH2O's revolutionary salt-free softeners have the ability to reverse scale damage and extend the lives of water-based appliances.

Aside from lengthening the life of their water appliances, NuvoH2O customers will see a significant reduction to their utility costs by lowering the amount of water used each month* with NuvoH2O's compact, eco-friendly water softeners.

Individuals who are interested in finding out more information about NuvoH2O's impressive line of salt-free water softening systems are encouraged to fill out a contact form or speak directly with one of NuvoH2O's friendly and highly-knowledgeable representatives give them a toll-free call today at 877-688-6426.

*when compared to a salt-based water softening system

About NuvoH2O:
NuvoH2O is the top choice for homeowners who want an eco-friendly and affordable way to treat their hard water and enjoy all the benefits that salt-free soft water offers. The company features easy-to-maintain salt-free water softener systems that are used by homes and commercial properties across the country to provide clean and healthful salt-free soft water. For more information, please visit their website at https://www.nuvoh2o.com/.

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