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Horizon Disposal Services Discuss Items That Are Prohibited for Disposal in Roll-off Dumpsters

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Updated 8:00 AM CST, Mon, November 11,2019

Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2019 -- Horizon Disposal has a reputation for providing top-rated roll-off dumpster rental prices in Middlesex County and the nearby regions. They have recently provided information on several items that are prohibited for roll-off dumpster disposal in most counties and municipalities. The following items can be dangerous to the environment and should be disposed of professionally, outside of city landfills.

Remodeling debris, including windows, sheet-rock, glass, and carpet can be dangerous for the environment and cannot be placed in roll-off dumpsters. The same goes for roof shingles and any ink or resin products such as printer and toner cartridges from printing machines. Also, any contaminated materials that have made contact with human or animal waste or bodily fluids. These materials could carry pathogens into the environment, therefore, they must be disposed of with caution.

Any gas tanks, gasoline, acids, adhesives, or flammable materials that could explode or start a fire must be treated as dangerous and are not permitted in a roll-off dumpster. The same goes for car batteries and household batteries, as these can leak lead-acid into the environment. Lead-acid is caustic and dangerous, meaning it must be recycled with great care and efficiency by environmental professionals.

In most cities and regions, mattresses and box springs are prohibited in roll-off dumpsters. Treated wood products such as sheds and porches have specialized dumping areas allocated for efficient recycling or disposal. This is because the chemicals used to treat wood can be harmful to the environment. For any of the items mentioned or materials that people are unsure about, Horizon Disposal Services recommends contacting the local authorities to obtain recycling and disposal advice.

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