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Harpoon Pest Solutions Offers Professional Bee and Wasp Removal Services

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Mon, July 09,2018

Lansdowne, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2018 -- Harpoon Pest Solutions offers pest control services in Chester County and Delaware County with expertise in the safe and effective removal of invasive bees and wasps. Wasps, including yellow jackets and hornets, can be dangerous predators who are naturally hostile to humans, especially when provoked or agitated. Other pollinator species of bees, such as honey bees, carpenter bees, and mason bees, can cause debilitating structural damage to homes and business properties.

Harpoon Pest Solutions specializes in the safe and sustainable removal of these pests in order to provide families and property owners with the comfort and safety they require. Those seeking bee and wasp removal services should first acquaint themselves with general identification practices to best understand and describe a potential infestation. Harpoon Pest Solutions deals in the safe removal of the following species: bumble bees, honey bees, carpenter bees, paper wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and any other type of bee or bothersome insect.

It is important to remember that all bees sting, but wasps, in particular, can repeatedly sting their victims, causing extreme pain and, in the event of an allergic reaction, possibly death. For these reasons, it is of utmost importance to request the services of Harpoon Pest Solutions to ensure the safe and effective removal of any bees or wasps on the property.

Interested parties seeking further information on bee or wasp removal services, and those who wish to learn more about all the pest control services Harpoon Pest Solutions offers, should contact the company at 215-309-8725 and fill out a contact form.

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Harpoon Pest Solutions is a locally owned and operated company in Lansdowne, PA that provides effective and environmentally friendly pest control services. These trusted professionals will work to prevent infestations and eliminate common pests, such as mice, ants, and bed bugs. They also offer wildlife trapping, removal, and exclusion work. To find out more about Harpoon Pest Solutions, visit https://www.harpoonpestsolutions.com/.

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