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Harpoon Pest Solutions Helps Homeowners Prepare for Ant Season

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Tue, June 05,2018

Lansdowne, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2018 -- Harpoon Pest Solutions, a premier pest control company serving Philadelphia, Delaware County, Chester County, and the surrounding areas is prepared for the annual influx of ants that occurs every spring season. As a point of preparation, Harpoon Pest Solutions can perform preventative maintenance on any property to help manage incoming threats from seasonal ant infestations.

For the structural integrity of any house or place of business, it is important to recognize the various susceptibilities of wood in relation to ant infestations due to the specific species native to the region: black carpenter ants. As these are common invaders of homes in the greater Philadelphia region, Harpoon Pest Solutions recommends regular inspections of the home, both inside and out, to determine any specific vulnerabilities, including but not limited to: holes, cracks, foundational breaks, seal tears, and any roof or siding deteriorations from the elements.

These pests can cause serious damage before their presence is noticeable on the surface. The dangers go beyond structural harm; the reason ants invade homes is for food and shelter. If a homeowner can better manage the proper storage and disposal of food and trash by keeping these things out of the reach of ants and other pests, the more likely they will be successful at preventing an infestation.

Ants are on their way — keep them at bay. Harpoon Pest Solutions is a Philadelphia-based company that remains committed to protecting customers' properties through expert pest control services. Contact Harpoon Pest Solutions today for a free consultative appointment and to explore the different ways that Harpoon Pest Solutions serves the greater Philadelphia region in its mission to prevent ant and pest infestations. Visit https://www.harpoonpestsolutions.com/ to learn more.

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Harpoon Pest Solutions is a locally owned and operated company in Lansdowne, PA that provides effective and environmentally friendly pest control services. These trusted professionals will work to prevent infestations and eliminate common pests, such as mice, ants, and bed bugs. They also offer wildlife trapping, removal, and exclusion work. To find out more about Harpoon Pest Solutions, visit https://www.harpoonpestsolutions.com/.

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