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Creative Choice Services Expands Licensed, Insured Asbestos Removal Service Range

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Updated 6:45 PM CDT, Tue, May 26,2015

New move opens up area's safest, most professional and thorough asbestos removal assistance to even more in the Denmark and Walpole area, Creative Choice Services reports

Denmark, Western Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/26/2015 -- Creative Choice Services, one of the region's leading property maintenance companies, announced an expansion of its top-quality, fully licensed asbestos removal service. Thanks to recent investments, the company will now be able to provide to even more residents and businesses in the area the kind of safe, reliable asbestos removal Denmark has enjoyed for years. With residents of Australia being among the world's most vulnerable to asbestos-related diseases, the wider availability of Creative Choice's asbestos removal services will be of great benefit to many in the area.

"Although it often lurks unseen, asbestos remains a pointed, enduring threat to Australians," Creative Choice Services representative Phil Kinder said, "We're proud to announce that, thanks to some new investments, we are now able to provide our licensed, insured asbestos removal services over an even wider around around Denmark and Walpole. That is going to make a big difference for many who are dealing with this troublesome building material."

Australians contract mesothelioma, a disease almost uniquely associated with asbestos exposure, at rates exceeded only by those in the United Kingdom. Among Australians, those who live in the state of Western Australia are the most vulnerable of all, with nearly 100 residents turning up with the disease in a recent accounting, according to a report by WA News.

Because the substance was widely used in construction for over half a century before restrictions went into place, many buildings in Western Australia still contain asbestos. In most cases, the recommended procedure is to keep a close eye on asbestos building materials, ensuring that they are not disturbed, as this can allow them to release harmful fibers into the air.

At some point, of course, asbestos must be dealt with in more permanent ways. Creative Choice Services is one of Western Australia's leading sources for help with the safe, final disposition of asbestos building materials, combining industry-leading training and experience with a dedication to providing the most diligent, appropriate service to every client. These are important factors for those researching the kinds of asbestos removal walpole and nearby towns have to offer, because the stakes regarding work of this kind are typically so high.

In addition to providing high quality asbestos removal over a just-expanded service area, Creative Choice Services is also recognized as one of area's leading property maintenance companies in general. With a special focus on executing both internal and external repairs for absentee owners, the company has become a crucial partner for investors and those who live in the area part time.

Creative Choice Services also offers a full slate of property improvement services, including landscaping, renovation, and ground-up design and construction. More information about the company's top-quality property-repair and -enhancement offerings, as well as the newly expanded asbestos removal service, can be found at the Creative Choice Services website.

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