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Assured Waste Solutions Offers Subcontracted Biohazard Services

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Thu, May 03,2018

Gastonia, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/03/2018 -- Some industries heavily rely on expert biohazard waste removal. Institutions like hospitals may be the first that come to mind, but other facilities, such as doctor and dentist offices, health diagnostic laboratories and biological laboratories, as well as veterinary clinics and even tattoo parlors utilize these necessary services to keep their locations safeguarded from disease and other pathogens.

Biohazard waste poses a serious threat to human health, and as such, it needs to be handled carefully and appropriately. This waste removal has stringent regulations regarding the transportation, disposal, and collection of these hazardous materials.

Assured Waste Solutions is currently offering responsible biohazard waste disposal in North Carolina with their subcontracted biohazard services. The organization presents this opportunity for companies across the country to partner with them and receive dependable biohazard waste removal solutions from their professional and highly-trained staff.

These subcontracted biohazard services feature a simple and straightforward contract agreement that allows for unlimited locations to be serviced by Assured Waste Solutions, as long as they're within their service region. Customers will receive affordable disposal services with discounted rates, flat rates, and per-container pricing, as well as free supplies when needed.

Not only is their biohazard waste disposal in South Carolina affordable, but they're also focused on customer satisfaction. Assured Waste Solutions works closely with their clients to coordinate service, and even provides service calendars and separate invoicing for each location to help them stay organized.

Assured Waste remains committed to the ethical and responsible disposal of all biohazardous waste and materials. To partner with their subcontracted biohazard services, or for any other information, call them toll-free at 1-855-239-9317 or visit http://www.assuredwaste.com/.

About Assured Waste Solutions
Founded in 2011, Assured Waste Solutions aims to provide safe and environmentally conscious methods for pharmaceutical and medical waste disposal. The Company has served a wide range of customers in a number of different fields, with a consistent focus on both affordability and convenience. By continuing to put customers' needs first, Assured Waste Solutions has experienced considerable growth in the medical waste industry and plans to build upon that growth as the future unfolds.

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