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Action Septic Offers Routine Septic Tank Maintenance to Homeowners

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Updated 1:16 PM CST, Wed, December 19,2018

Lumberton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2018 -- Action Septic, the leading servicer of septic tank systems in New Jersey for over 14 years, advises homeowners to be mindful of tank maintenance. Routine septic tank maintenance is essential for the health and safety of household members and the local community. While septic tanks can last a few decades, proper maintenance is necessary to avoid the costs of having to replace an entire system.

Routine maintenance should be conducted every one to three years, depending on the size of the tank, as well as the number of household residents. If left uninspected, the solids in the septic tank can migrate into the drain, causing it to back up. Backed up tanks can cause serious household plumbing issues, as it can restrict drainage. This can affect nearby residents by contaminating drinking water, groundwater, and wells. To avoid plumbing backups caused by the failure to perform routine maintenance, call Action Septic to service your septic tank system.

While some homeowners may neglect septic tank maintenance to avoid the expenses of a pumping service, backed up tanks may require complete replacement. Replacing a septic tank can easily cost thousands of dollars, while routine maintenance is just a fraction of that. To ensure the health and longevity of a septic system, invest in routine maintenance every few years.

For years, homeowners have entrusted the professionals at Action Septic to provide quick, safe, and reliable services. To avoid the expenses related to excavations, ensure proper maintenance on septic systems by contacting Action Septic for routine inspections and pumping services. For further inquiries, please call them at (877) 774-7776 or fill out their contact form.

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Action Septic is a full-service septic company that specializes in plumbing, repairs, inspections, and cleaning services. With 14 years of experience, their technicians are highly-trained in the septic industry. For quick and reliable septic, excavation, sewage, and drain services, contact Action Septic at (877) 774-7776 or visit their website at https://www.action-septic.com/.

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