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Odin Pest Control to Continue Offering 24/7 Bed Bug Extermination Services in New York and New Jersey

Odin Pest Control has announced that it will continue to offer 24/7 bed bug extermination services in the city of New York and New Jersey. The company says that the success of this program has been quite outstanding and as such, it only makes sense to keep up the pace.

Conservation Biologist Advocates the Use of Honeybee Relocation Service as a Liable Alternative to Extermination

Conservation biologist, and the founder of Bee Catchers, providing honeybee relocation services with the aim to save and relocate honeybees throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas, to preserve an integral part of the balance of nature. The business hopes to reinforce and teach the importance of honeybees and why relocation rather than extermination is the better bee control alternative.

Potty Pros Earns Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification for NJ, NYC, and Philadelphia

Potty Pros, a portable toilet company that provides portable restrooms through the New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia regions, this week received recognition for being an officially certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) today with NJDOT, NYDOT, and Port Authority of NY/NJ and NJ Transit.

Dayham Launches "Green Building" Panels in Malaysia

Dayham, a top interior design firm based in Malaysia, has launched its unique eco-friendly Kenaf panels for use in design projects. Kenaf is a type of composite wood panel derived from kenaf fibre. The kenaf is known to be a fast-growing plant and is sustainable to grow for use in "green building" projects.

Pest Control Jaipur – A Reliable Online Service Provider for Commercial and Residential Pest Elimination

Pest Control Services is a pioneer and authentic service provider in Rajasthan. This certified company has spread its wings all across Rajasthan. Having membership of Bayer Authorization and Indian Pest Control Association, the company is able to obtain and develop top quality eco-friendly pest control solutions.

Tree Free Paper Products Manufacturer Welcomes New Customers at the 18th Americas Food and Beverage Conference in Miami Beach

The Miami Beach Conference Center will host the 18th Americas Food and Beverage Show on October 26, 27, 2015. One of the largest food and beverage shows in the world, Miami is the gateway to South America. Exhibitors and Buyers from all over the world will be in attendance.

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