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Garrett McKenzie Environmental Group Steps in to Aid Storm-Battered North East

Still in the throes of one of the worst winters in history, the east coast finds itself in dire need of cleanup assistance. Widespread power outages have placed a considerable damper on mitigation efforts while the sheer magnitude of destruction in this region leaves local crews struggling to meet those who need the services. In light of this situation, large-scale environmental emergency mitigation and recovery company Garrett McKenzie Environmental Group recently ventured to Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island, to offer their expert assistance to area businesses, hotels and high-end condominiums hardest hit by the storms.

Recycled Rubber Products, LLC Announces Spring Sale on Rubber Mulch Product

LogoThe rubber mulch company, Recycled Rubber Products, LLC, is pleased to announce that they are currently holding a spring sale discount on their turf surface products. Industries and organizations looking to purchase rubber mulch for their surface or landscape can take advantage of the promotion, which is only available for a limited time. To receive the discount, customers must call the company's main number, ask for Matt, and then mention the word "spring" to have $25 deducted from their order. Customers are invited to order their mulch in time for warmer weather.

Regreen Springfield Spring Gala Planned for Barney Estate

LogoRegreen Springfield will celebrate the Spring season and acknowledge the work of the organization's community volunteers and partners, who have helped to regreen the city… one tree at a time, by holding a "May ReGreen Springfield Fundraising Gala". The event will be held on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at the Barney Carriage House in Springfield's Forest Park, from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. The Gala is planned to help fund the Regreen Springfield's Summer Youth Intern Program and its 2015 Tree Planting initiatives.

Whitehouse Landscaping Now Conducting Early Spring Organic Lawn Care Visits

LogoNow that spring has arrived, Whitehouse Landscaping reminds its lawn care program subscribers that the time for another lawn care visit has come. For new clients who want organic, sustainable lawn care, Whitehouse Landscaping has announced that they are now offering early spring visits as part of their organic law care program in Montgomery County, PA.

Mac's Janitorial Services Does Windows

LogoThe last vestiges of the cold weather are trying to dig in their claws and stick around, but the winter is drawing to a close and soon it'll be all sunshine and blue skies. Unfortunately for many businesses, they would never know through the wintry muck left on their windows. Slushy conditions, salt throwing trucks and blustery winds have left a thick, white film on many of the windows designed to highlight a business and its offerings. Further complicating matters, business owners everywhere have run out of fingers and toes to count the number of times they've heard, "We don't do windows." Singing a different tune entirely, Mac's Janitorial Services announces that they do.

E Instruments Offering AQ 100 Air Quality Monitor and More This Spring

LogoThe seasons are changing and so is the air quality. Businesses that desire a device that will relay instant and accurate indoor air quality statistics can turn to E Instruments. In fact, the company is pleased to announce that they are offering the AQ 100 Air Quality Monitor and more to clients this spring.

Eco Concepts Launches Integrated Pest Management Public Awareness Campaign

Eco Concepts Termite & Pest Control, one of the Los Angeles area's top pest control specialists, launched a new public awareness campaign. Intended to help homeowners understand the benefits of the science-based Integrated Pest Management pest control strategy that the company has employed for over 15 years, the new campaign will include media availability, the publication of informational resources, and other outreach efforts. Detailed thoroughly at, the Integrated Pest Management approach that guides Eco Concepts has proven to be far more effective and convenient than traditional tactics aimed at dealing with household pests like rodents and termites.

Bluesphere Corp. Breaks Ground on Charlotte, NC Project

Bluesphere Corp.,(the "Company" or "Bluesphere"), a clean energy company that develops, manages and owns waste-to-energy projects, announced today that on Monday March 23, 2015, it broke ground on both its first waste-to-energy project and new US headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Creates Awareness on the Threats of Termite Invasion on Annual Termite Week

LogoA single termite may not look threatening, but a whole colony can compromise the structural integrity to properties in a short period of time. According to the entomologist at University Sains Malaysia, termites cause an estimated RM40million of structural damages in Malaysia every year.

Clear Asbestos Removal Launches New Website to Promote Services to Sydney Citizens

Asbestos was widely used as an insulation and fireproofing solution in the 80s before it was discovered that asbestos fibres could cause debilitating and fatal lung diseases. Despite this, some 30% of all houses in Australia still contain Asbestos. This presents a definite health risk to a significant proportion of the population. Clear Asbestos Removal offers the very best in asbestos assessment and removal. They have just redesigned their website to help them promote their services in a more targeted way to their home city of Sydney.

Professional Tank & Environmental Offering Underground Oil Rank Removal in Montgomery County, PA This April

LogoUnfortunately, underground oil tanks do not last forever. Also, if the tank is left idling for ten to twenty years without being checked on, the chances for it to leak and thus have a negative environmental impact on a homeowner's property is significantly increased. Therefore, those who believe that they need to have an underground oil tank removed can get in touch with Professional Tank & Environmental immediately. In fact, Professional Tank & Environmental is pleased to announce that they are offering underground oil tank removal in Montgomery County, PA this April.

Water Concerns in Farming – Rainwater Tank Benefits

Once again farmers and growers are facing tighter water abstraction rules, as time-limited water abstraction licenses due to expire this year are being assessed by the Environment Agency to ensure that they comply with the EU Water Framework Directive. Conditions of the license may change if they are considered to be a risk to the environment and according to a spokesman from the UK Irrigation Agency, the changes could have a profound impact on individual irrigated farming businesses, raising questions surrounding how license changes will impact their businesses and productivity.

GreenTrav Launches Product to Reduce Global Warming One Well-Watered Plant at a Time

LogoCreated to reduce global warming with an approachability that's both charming and doable, GreenTrav makes its launch on Kickstarter. Giving the public a travel souvenir with a heart, literally, the product is a self-watering planter that encourages the well-being of the planet. Helping crowdfunding supporters keep their plants without much hassle, the planter reduces greenhouse gas with a sustainable design. A design that brings to mind some of the planet's most iconic and beloved locales.

DualDraw, a Manufacturer and Supplier of Air Filtration Equipment, Now Offers Dust Collection Systems at an Affordable Price

LogoOut of the various basic requirements that a worker requires in their work place, having a clean breathing atmosphere is the most important. Therefore, intending to provide people with facility to breathe easily, manufacturer and supplier of air filtration equipment, DualDraw, now offers dust collection systems at an affordable price. Customers can avail themselves with the various benefits of DualDraw.

Dynamic Recycling LLC Completes Installation of Distillation Column at New Plant in Bristol, TN

LogoMXI Environmental Services, LLC, the nation's leading provider of ethanol recycling and beer disposal services has completed installation of the distillation column for the company's new plant in Bristol, TN. The installation went smooth and company is one step closer to operating.

Nationwide Pest Control Is Offering 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Their Pest Control Services

LogoYour home should be one you are proud of. If insects, rodents, spiders and other pests are threatening to pollute the sanctity of your home, Nationwide Pest Control is the firm you should hire. Pests are not only irritating; they can also be harmful to the health of your family. Ignoring them and hoping they will go way on their own is certainly not the smart thing to do.

CH Ventures, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Ecofriendly Products

LogoCathy Haselby is excited to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide selection of ecofriendly and green living products including various sized recycling bins, composting bins, recycled bamboo products, rain barrels, vertical plant growers, solar lighting, and many sizes of greenhouses. Haselby was inspired to start her website by her desire to make it fun and convenient for people of all ages and occupations to learn the importance of recycling and buying recycled products to live a more ecofriendly life. Her website makes it easy for customers to find items that they can use in their homes, outdoor gardens, garages, offices and schools to help keep the environment and themselves healthier.

Elite Bird Now Offering Bird Repellents for Effective Bird Control in Melbourne

With their aim to help people get rid of the nuisance of birds, Elite Bird now offers effective bird control in Melbourne through their trained professionals. They deploy the most strategic bird control methods such as netting, bird spikes, bird slope, trapping avicides which are carried only by the licensed technicians and the rock dove method. With their trained and certified technicians, clients can completely rely on them to get rid of the birds without harming the birds in any way. They provide specialized bird control service for the Seagulls and pigeon control in Melbourne. They refrain from using bird control methods that are harmful to the birds.

StewardTech Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of Their New, High-Efficiency Turbine

LogoThe high cost of gas has always been a great concern and reminds the mankind of the importance of efficient utilization of resources. Reducing the dependence on oil imported from foreign countries can also make a serious difference in the present scenario. Led by their Chief Designer Carl Kemp, StewardTech believes that they have found a solution to this problem.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Opens HHW Season at Bergen County NJ Event

LogoAs one of the leading hazardous waste disposal companies in the nation, MXI Maumee Express, Inc. routinely holds one-day household hazardous waste collection events for communities, counties, and municipalities around the country. On March 7th 2015, the company had its first event at the Bergen County Utility Authority in Moonachie, New Jersey.

Parke's New Film Will Explore Survival of Scotland's Red Deer

Wesley Grant Parke of Scotland is not just a filmmaker who enjoys the outdoors. Parke is a true nature lover, environmentalist and protector of wildlife. He lives what he films.

Environmental Site Beyond Talk Expands Mission to Cover Health, Happiness, and More

Leading online environmental activism portal Beyond Talk has taken on an expanded mission and will now address a wider range of issues, the site's operators report. Founded with a charge of encouraging nonviolent civil disobedience to build up much-needed attention for environmental problems like anthropogenic climate change, Beyond Talks' domain has now been substantially expanded. Going forward, Beyond Talk will address a range of social issues and other topics of concern as well, including subjects like relationships and health.

Nationwide Pest Control Assures 100% Pest Free Homes

LogoAussie homeowners having a hard time with pests can finally heave a sigh of relief; Nationwide Pest Control has assured complete pest free homes with 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Pinpoint Weed Control Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoPinpoint Weed Control is a new system to manage undesirable weed growth without damaging the good plants whose growth homeowners want to encourage.  This system uses a Pinpoint Weed Module, a small, patent-pending device that holds herbicides.  The Pinpoint Weed Module is inserted over the cut stem of a weed.  Within weeks, the weed dies and desirable plants can grow and thrive.  Now, the creator of Pinpoint Weed Control has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the manufacturing and distribution of this system to a larger market.

Coral Reef Researchers Launch IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Funds

LogoVavvaru Island in the Maldives is a prime location for the study of coral reef ecosystems .  Marine biologists are hardly working at Korallionlab to study and promoting solutions to slow down or halt dominant coral reef populations declining and have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to help with research to preserve valuable coral reefs.