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US Compliance Corp Third Party Safety Regulatory Experts Talk Superfund EPA Compliance

Environmental Compliance (EPA) is an umbrella term for numerous regulatory compliance issues. Frequently, privately held manufacturers need assistance in specific areas such as the Superfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act (SARA).

Plastic Water Tank Specialist at CEREALS the Arable Event 2015

CEREALS the Arable Event is the UK's premier technical event for the UK arable industry. This year, Peterborough-based Enduramaxx returns to the show to demonstrate its ATV Sprayers, potable water tanks and rainwater tanks to budding attendees.

Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers Need Help with Hazardous Waste Environmental Compliance

Frequently, privately held manufacturers need assistance in specific areas such as waste management (40 CFR 259-282). Evaluating waste streams, determining hazardous waste categories, and interpreting Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) sample data requires expertise and experience.

Dynamic Recycling LLC Continuing to Reduce Costs Through Beverage Recycling

LogoWhen it comes to turning unused products into renewable energy, many companies turn to green initiatives for their disposal of ethanol and alcoholic beverages. In a way that reduce costs while benefitting the environment, Dynamic Recycling LLC is continuing their beverage recycling and destruction program. With the greenest process in the industry, the company takes control of the entire operation, from transportation to the full destruction of unsellable beverages for total confidentiality.

Westwood Residence in Singapore Lauded for Peaceful and Virgin Environment

Singapore has been dubbed as one of the best cities to live in. With the influx of the number of people migrating to settle down in the city, finding the perfect residence to nest in has been considered a mammoth task for the new comer.

IndoTeak Design Opens San Diego Showroom for Recycled Teak Tile, Flooring, and Siding

IndoTeak Design, one of the world's leading suppliers of 100% recycled, environmentally friendly teak tiles, flooring, and more, announced the opening of the company's new showroom. Located at 9040 Activity Road in San Diego, the showroom operates from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Reclaiming aged teak from structures in Indonesia that are already set for demolition, IndoTeak Design has become one of the top sources for beautiful, environmentally responsible hardwood building and finishing materials.

Commentary: Close to Home: Time for California to Corral the Use of Roundup

Dr. Devra Davis is a scientist and writer who is president of Environmental Health Trust, a non-profit research and educational institute focused on studying and reducing environmental health hazards. Dr. Davis will be the featured speaker at the first Kortum Legacy Lecture Series, May 15, at the Finley Community Center in Santa Rosa at 11:30 a.m.

Recycled Rubber Products, LLC Announces It Is Now a Gorilla Playsets Dealer

LogoFor almost fifteen years, Recycled Rubber Products, LLC has been supplying rubber mulch for various industries to generate a surface that protects from falls and injuries. The company manufactures and distributes high-quality rubber mulch that can be used for playgrounds, horse arenas, military obstacle courses and more. Recently, the company partnered up with Gorilla Playsets, a business leader in the market of swing sets. Recycled Rubber Products, LLC is pleased to announce that aside from rubber mulch, their company is now retailing the ready-to-assemble cedar wood swing sets of Gorilla Playsets. Customers are invited to obtain the children's swing sets through the service of Recycled Rubber Products, LLC.

Professional Tank & Environmental Taking New Customers in Need of Oil Tank Removal

LogoIf it's time to have an old oil tank removed this spring, one company that residents of Montgomery County, PA can turn to is Professional Tank & Environmental. Right now, Professional Tank & Environmental is taking new customers who are in need of immediate oil tank removal throughout the Montgomery County, PA area.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Successfully Handles Record Turnout for Bergen County HHW Event

LogoResidents of Bergen County New Jersey did their spring cleaning on time this year as 2989 people came to drop off their Household Hazardous Waste at the collection event held at the Bergen County Community College on April 26th, 2015. Officials at Bergen County conducted a marketing campaign and their advertising translated to a record turnout of citizens looking to properly dispose of their Household Hazardous Waste. Despite the unexpected turnout, MXI Maumee Express, Inc. successfully handled all the materials taken and managed to get the necessary supplies to the site to complete the job on time.

AFCO Network Now Distributes Expeller-Pressed Canola Cubes Offered by Carbon Cycle Crush

To increase the productivity of livestock, it is important to choose an ideal supplement for them. Therefore, in order to provide an ideal supplement for pigs and horses, Carbon Cycle Crush is now providing virgin Expeller-Pressed Canola Cubes in association with AFCO Distribution. As per their agreement with AFCO Distribution, a wholesale distribution company, these Expeller-Pressed Canola Cubes are now being distributed to over 800 retailers of garden, feed and pet supply in Nevada, Washington, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana and Wyoming.

Southern Irrigation Offering Irrigation System Startups for Spring 2015

LogoSpring is the time during which many Nashville, Tennessee homeowners and business owners start using their sprinkler systems again. Starting up a sprinkler or irrigation system can be inefficient if not performed by an expert. To help home and business owners get the most out of their sprinkler systems, Southern Irrigation now offers irrigation system startups for spring 2015.

The Human Impact of Pollution with Dr. Devra Davis

Sonoma County Conservation Action will be hosting Dr. Devra Davis, MPH, PhD, as the inaugural speaker in the Kortum Legacy Speaker Series. Dr. Davis is a world renowned epidemiologist who confronts the public triumphs and private failures of her lifelong battle against environmental pollution. Dr. Davis will be giving a talk on her National Book Award nominated book, When Smoke Ran Like Water: Tales of Environmental Deception and the Battle Against Pollution.

Green Artist Urszula Gogol Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Support the GREENART Advocacy Project

LogoUrszula Gogol, a green artist based out of Chicago, has been engaged in an exceptional project for the last three years of her life. Since 2012, she has been maintaining a detailed document of the environmental impact of her daily consumption. She accomplishes this by collecting and transforming Post-Consumer Paper into GREENART. Over the last three years, her GREENART artistic practice has been responsible for the art-recycling of more than two-hundred and fifty pounds of post consumer paper. Through GREENART sales and public discourse, this project has also advocated for sustainability.

Hiring Experts to Manage EPA Environment Requirements Saves Costly Compliance Personnel

U.S. Compliance Corp assists industrial leaders in developing, implementing and maintaining effective environmental programs and procedures. The experts in environmental regulations interpret the law into practical applications.

Integrity Storm Shelters: To Ensure Families' and Businesses' Safety from Severe Storms with LIFESAVER and ALL WEATHER SAFE ROOMS

LogoWith the prevailing global warming that affects the formation of severe weather like tornadoes and hurricanes in different parts of the world, it's not surprising that people become conscious with their security and safety in times of weather troubles. It cannot be denied that for some time, no matter how prepared people are, casualties and damages always still occur. It's truly heartbreaking to see people lose their loved ones amidst the stormy atmospheric phenomenon. Yet, there is a great way to prevent it from happening again. And that is by installing durable storm shelters in every home.

GoFreshWater Launches Latest Product Line in Battle for Clean Water Availability

Studies reveal trace amounts of at least 100 harmful bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other substances linger in the majority of public water supplies even after being subjected to treatment. At the same time the cost of relying solely on bottled water for fulfilling recommended daily allowances adds up to almost $1,500 per person each year. In answer to these issues, John Smeaton of GoFreshWater has launched the company's latest portable water filter lineup.

Carbon Clarity Press Launches Composting Troubleshooter

Carbon Clarity Press is pleased to announce the official launch of The Composting Troubleshooter - How to Compost and What To Do If It Goes Wrong. The book is authored by Jane Gilbert and available via and

New WasteSurvey Smartphone App Facilitates Essential Data Gathering for Waste Collection Services

Integrated Skills (UK) Ltd has developed an Android App for a client in Bahrain to be able to quickly and efficiently gather accurate data required for strategic modelling and operational planning of waste collection services.

Spring: Time to Schedule Annual Mold Inspection

LogoExposure to indoor mold, toxic or black mold is tied to a multitude of illnesses and symptoms and Sick House Syndrome. The most vulnerable are the very young, the very old or the very sick. People with compromised immune systems are especially susceptible. For a property owner, scheduling an annual mold inspection is part of a basic maintenance plan, to keep ahead of water leaks. It is well known that controlling the water, usually controls the mold. Because evidence links indoor mold exposure and respiratory illness, an annual mold inspection is a good maintenance practice.

Dynamic Recycling LLC Has Completed Construction of Tank Farm at New Plant

LogoProgress has been made in the construction of a new recycling and ethanol disposal plant in Bristol, Tennessee. Dynamic Recycling LLC is proud to announce the tank farm construction has been completed, and operations are expected to be underway by mid-June 2015. Through the uncooperative and frigid weather experienced this past winter, the construction crew remained hard at work, and minimal steps remain to complete construction.

Monster Tree Service of Brandywine Valley Donates Services to Help Showcase the History of Tyler Arboretum

LogoThis past March, Monster Tree Service of Brandywine Valley, a tree service company based in Wilmington, DE, donated its services to help Tyler Arboretum with their Historic Painter Plants Exhibit. With Monster Tree Service of Brandywine Valley's help, Tyler Arboretum is one step closer to showcasing their history and the legacy of the Painter brothers.

Unilever North America Distribution Centers Achieve 100% Zero Waste to Landfill Reports Pcdata USA

LogoUnilever North America announced it has achieved 100 percent zero waste to landfill (ZLF) at all dedicated distribution centers in North America. To achieve ZLF, the company has adopted the four 'R' approach — firstly reducing waste at source then reusing, recovering or recycling any non-hazardous waste that remains. It has meant reconsidering every single material that is consumed in a factory and distribution center — from reusing packing materials from supplier deliveries to food waste from staff cafeterias. Unilever says reducing waste sent for disposal is a critical component of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. Established in 2010, the plan aims to halve the company's environmental footprint of the making and use of its products by 2020. This is being achieved through collaboration, partner education and reducing the company's environmental impact.

A New Crowdfunding Campaign Has Been Launched to Deal with Global Waste

An innovative company has launched a product to help deal with the serious problem of global waste. Warren McDuffie has invented the CanMaxx, which will help deal with the growing problem of waste.

Mac's Janitorial Services Offers Air Quality Improvement Services

LogoAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollutant levels can be up to 100 times higher than outdoor pollution levels. Furthermore, between school, work and home, studies indicate that Americans spend approximately 90 percent of their time in that contaminated indoor environment. Thus, it shouldn't be a surprise that indoor air pollutants have been ranked as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is important to maintaining an individual's health, and homeowners, business owners and building managers everywhere should take notice. To help Philadelphia schools and corporate offices keep their occupants healthy, Mac's Janitorial Services is announcing their air quality improvement services, available today.