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Byebyemold: Rainy Spring Brings Rampant Summer Mold Harvest

LogoJune has been a month of relentless thunderstorms, storms in the Plains, Midwest and Southeast. Torrential rainfall and active tornadoes have left their mark both on the landscape outside, and on the inside of properties.

InsideOut: The Inner Revolution Interviews John Davis, Who Links All Three to the Climate and Our Future

LogoOn June 18, the Pope published a ground-breaking encyclical on climate change, and on June 23, 3-4 Pacific, Beth Green will be devoting the next episode of her radio show, InsideOut: The Inner Revolution, to the encyclical out of Rome, the upcoming UN climate conference in Paris and what we, as citizens, can do to impact our government to take definitive action on climate change. Her guest will be John Davis, a twenty-year veteran of government service, a caring grandfather and an Iowa activist for the Climate Reality Project, founded by former Vice President Al Gore. Enlightens Readers on How to Kill and Get Rid of Carpenter Ants (Wood Destroying Ants)

Many foods are attractive to carpenter ants, including honey or other sweet foods. During spring, carpenter ants are particularly attracted to protein sources, such as honey. Set out small drips of honey for the ants to take back to their nest. It is easier to follow the ants when they are carrying food. With patience and perseverance, you can follow the big black carpenter ants back to their nest. If you put pieces of fish in many areas, food placed closer to the nest or trails will be found sooner.

Professional Tank & Environmental Now Offering Oil Tank Removal Services in Montgomery County, PA This Summer

LogoProfessional Tank & Environmental is pleased to announce that they are now offering oil tank removal services in Montgomery County, PA this summer. Professional Tank & Environmental has been offering oil tank replacement and removal services throughout Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA for over two decades. The company is also proud to have relationships with many companies in the heating, real estate, and environmental insurance industries to provide their clients with exceptional services.

BioMedical Waste Solutions Publish Medical Waste Disposal Guide

BioMedical Waste Solutions, LLC, is a company that offers a complete line of disposal and compliance services for either small healthcare facilities or large healthcare systems. Understanding the disparity between America's need for proper medical waste disposal and the Medical Waste Management solutions available currently, the company has published a definitive guide to Medical waste and its proper disposal to educate and create awareness among healthcare institutions and the masses.

Readers Interested in Environmental Studies Can Gather Information About Volcanoes from World Landforms

Over billions of years, different geographical features have formed due to tectonic activities, climatic changes and soil erosion. Aseismic Ridges, Basins, Barchans, Beach Ridges, Mountain ranges, Oceans, Rift Valleys, Swamps and many other landforms came into existence due to these tremendous changes on the earth's surface. Out of all of these, volcanoes are one of the most interesting natural features. Readers and scholars interested in environmental studies can gather information about volcanoes from World Landforms. There are five types of volcanoes, namely – composite volcanoes, complex volcanoes, shield volcanoes, spatter cones and cinder cones.

Contemporary Green Bed Bug Solutions Effectively Curb the Rapid Spread of Bed Bugs

LogoEnvironmental Heat Solutions uses heat treatments to effectively get rid of bed bugs. With expert strategies and techniques, the company uses high temperatures to exterminate the bugs. With these high temperatures of up to 140 degrees Celsius, the bed bugs are permanently and efficiently destroyed. Environmental Heat Solutions is dedicated to providing effective solutions and advice on how to deal with bed bug infestations. The company believes that high temperature treatment is the best way to get rid of bed bugs.

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Shares Useful Insights on Dengue Outbreak in Conjunction with ASEAN Dengue Day

LogoLaunched in 2011, the objective of this annual event is to raise awareness of dengue and strengthen the regional collaboration in prevention and control. While dengue is most prevalent in ASEAN region, the disease is spreading rapidly with a 30-fold increase in cases worldwide. Today, there are approximately 2.5 billion people at risk in over 100 countries.

Genesis Tree Service Highlights the Importance of Professional Tree Care and Maintenance to Reduce Environmental Risks and Hazards

LogoEnvironmentalists and other world-renowned ecological associations who advocate for the preservation of mother earth has been truly concerned about the issues about the destruction of the ozone layer in the Earth's atmosphere which has been pointed out to be the cause of the global climate change and global warming.

Modeling and Measuring Exposures to Wireless Technology - A Workshop of the Bioelectromagnetics Society Confronts a Growing Policy Challenge

This hands-on real-time demonstration workshop of the Bioelectromagnetics Society ( sponsored by the non-profit virtual think tank, Environmental Health Trust (, explores how to model and measure wireless technology that is reaching into every corner of our lives, connecting us in ways never before imagined, improving our capacity to respond to emergencies and share information around the world. The Internet of Things is estimated to consist of nearly 50 billion devices that operate in our homes and on our persons by the end of this decade. At the same time, wireless transmitting devices can disrupt traditional family patterns, affect brain development and learning abilities in children, and possibly alter the risks of cancer, reproductive damage, and other medical problems among users.

Mac's Janitorial Services Pays Special Attention to School and University Cafeterias

LogoThis school year may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean that administrators can rest on their laurels. Summer may not have officially begun, but it will definitely be over before kids and their parents know it, and the administrators have a lot to do before then. In addition to budgeting, managing employee rosters, ordering supplies and overseeing needed upgrades or renovations, principles and administrators have to make sure the school stays clean and prepared for returning students and teachers. With that in mind, school cafeterias and kitchens are two of the most susceptible areas to health and safety hazards. That's why Mac's Janitorial Services pay special attention to those areas when cleaning schools and universities.

Recycling Shrink Wrap? Adpak Comment

Recent news from the US emphasizes that not only can shrink wrap be used as an innovative form of packaging; it can also be incorporated into a sustainable recycling scheme. Since it began in 2006, the Ohio Clean Marinas Recycling Programme has allowed for more than £2.2 million worth of shrink wrap to be recycled. The recycled wrap is then utilised to create other plastic products such as guardrail blocks, used to protect roads. In short, this single recycling programme has allowed for an effort which has equated to the equivalent of 47 buses' worth of shrink wrap being recycled and 412 miles of roadway protected by the guardrail blocks formed as a result.

Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Protects Gardens and Yards from Pest Animals

LogoIf there's one topic that's gets gardeners and home owners going it's the uninvited pest animals or wildlife that invade their garden or property. Predator Guard, a specialist animal repellent device manufacturer, has just released the PestAway ultrasonic animal repeller that deters raccoons from rummaging through garbage, dogs and cats from abusing yards and deer from ravaging grounds and gardens. PestAway can protect yards, gardens, porches and property from cats, dogs, deer, raccoons, squirrel, rabbits and skunks.

Alice Audouin Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Support MASKBOOK, a Collective Citizen Action to Prevent Climate Change

LogoA unique initiative, MASKBOOK is a collective citizen action for prevention of climate change that utilizes the 'mask' as a symbol. Rapid degradation of climate is a burning issue for people all over the world. Unless immediate corrective measures taken, the human race may soon fall prey to more pollution, heat waves, allergies, and many other problems. Alice Audouin believes that the time has come to act right away. COP21, the next International Conference on Climate is scheduled to be held in Paris in December this year. This is the occasion Alice and her associates have chosen to do a fun and impactful action for the protection of climate and human health.

US Compliance Corp Stresses Importance of Bilingual OSHA and Environmental Training

Jenny Carvajal is a bilingual Environmental, Health & Safety Advisor for U.S. Compliance Corp with expertise in Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure, Hazard Communication, Hazardous Materials, and Machine Guarding. Carvajal has extensive experience in manufacturing settings, particularly the automotive sector.

Monster Tree Service Announces Franchise & Business Opportunities Are Available

LogoMonster Tree Service, a seven-year-old tree care and service company headquartered in Fort Washington, PA, is pleased to announce that they have franchise opportunities and business opportunities available. Monster Tree Service offers franchise opportunities all over the United States, and those who feel that this is an opportunity that they would like to pursue can fill out a contact form on the "Own A Monster" page of their website.

Elabora Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Build NarniAround Walking Trails

LogoElabora is an innovative project that was first conceived by those who have been working for years in university and corporate training.  The focus of the group is to offer empowering strategies for both individuals and organizations that will help them strengthen and make the most of each other's talents, as well as develop resources that belong to everyone.  This group believes that the key to living in harmony with each other and the environment is balanced growth.  Through the use of new tools and possibilities, Elabora creates a mix of activities focused on value-rational actions and cooperation among institutions, companies and citizens.  As a way of promoting this fundamental truth, the group has created a new project called NarniAround, a trail adoption idea in and around the beautiful medieval city of Narni.

World Landforms Provides in Depth Analysis on Formation of Various Landforms

Geographical landforms are unique structures that were created over millions of years due to various natural activities. Forces exerted by wind, climatic changes, soil erosion and tectonic movement has led to the formation of natural features all over the planet such as Archipelagos, Basins, Bayous, Cliffs, Channels, Capes, Deserts, Dunes, Forests, Glaciers, Gulfs, Hills, Islands, Lakes, Oasis, Oceans, Plateaus, Volcanoes and Waterfalls. World landforms, an online informative portal provides detailed information about various landforms. Readers and students who are keen to know about continents and other geographical features can gather such useful information from this portal. In order to make it interesting for readers, several pictures have also been used.

An Innovative Approach to Stopping the Los Angeles Drought

The future upcoming Los Angeles mayoral candidate Frantz Pierre, is pleased to announce the second part of his drought relief plan. Earlier last month, Pierre announced an innovative proposal which includes: Build a Desalination Plant That Uses 100% Renewable Energy and Nanotechnology.

Monster Tree Service Taking New Customers in Need of Immediate Tree Removal Services

LogoAfter a long and temperamental winter here in the United States, there are undoubtedly many trees that have been damaged not only by the winter storms, but also the frigid temperatures. In fact, the older a tree is, the less of a cold tolerance it has and the more susceptible it is to being damaged. To help property owners remove any dead or unwanted trees, Monster Tree Service, a tree care service company, is pleased to announce that they are taking new customers in need of immediate tree removal services.

Jenny Carvajal Bilingual Environmental Health and Safety Advisor for U.S. Compliance Corp Specializes in Hazard Communication

Jenny Carvajal is a Bilingual Environmental, Health & Safety Advisor for U.S. Compliance Corp based out of the Southeast U.S. Carvajal's areas of expertise in the environmental, health and safety field includes, Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure, Hazard Communication, Hazardous Materials and Machine Guarding.

Diamond Environmental Services Creates New Website to Better Promote Septic Pumping Services Online

Environmental services play a quiet but essential role in keeping our metropolitan centers and suburban communities liveable. In many areas it is still not viable to connect homes to public sewerage systems, making septic tanks essential. Keeping these well maintained and regularly emptied is of the utmost importance to homeowners. Diamond Environmental Services started out in septic pumping services, and now offer everything from porta-potty rental to temporary power supplies and fences. They have just created a new website to better represent their broad range of services.

Got Scrap? Need Cash?

LogoGot scrap? Need cash? For over 70 years Miller Recycling has been servicing the New England area, assisting generators of nonferrous/ ferrous metal scrap. This includes Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Lead, Stainless Steel, Insulated Wire as well as Iron and Steel.

BigC666 Enterprises, LLC Launches New Water Filter Systems Rectifying Public Gambit

In the face of a spreading freshwater shortage made worse by swelling residential and commercial water usage, America finds itself struggling to find ways of offsetting imminent disaster. Among these measures are plans for the building and use of new public water treatment plants utilizing outflow from existing waste water treatment facilities across the country. Despite extensive treatment and sanitation procedures via the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act put into effect in 1972 and 1974 respectively, water supplies are already riddled with trace amounts of potentially harmful chemicals, minerals and microbes. This prompts growing concern from residents and government agencies alike over these impending arrangements.

Biologist and Underwater Photographer Anna Shvab Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Support "The Underwater Beauty" Project

LogoSince the last one year, biologist and underwater photographer Anna Shvab has been busy with diving and photography in the Red Sea. Having completed more than one hundred photography dives, Anna has clicked innumerable photographs that display the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater world and shared them through the social media. The power of Anna's photography has already resulted in many people's growing interest in marine life. The objective of Anna's "The Underwater Beauty" project is to introduce the beauty of the underwater world to all.