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Urbix Resources Forges International Alliances

Graphene-Focused Urbix Resources has been forging international relationships with research centers. These are intended to further the usage and knowledge of graphene and other graphite-based products.

Good Earth Minerals, LLC Supports Rebuild Crisis in U.S. and Caribbean

The devastation of people's lives, homes and properties in the U.S. and the Caribbean in recent weeks has caused unprecedented hardship for U.S. citizens. It is estimated that 4 million family homes were affected with some level of damage and over 350,000 homes will need to be completely rebuilt.

Pressure BioSciences' Penetration in European Biopharma and High Pressure Markets Continuing to Expand via Multiple Scientific Presentations in Germany, Poland, and Ireland

LogoPressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO) ("PBI" and the "Company"), a leader in the development and sale of broadly enabling, pressure cycling technology ("PCT")-based sample preparation solutions to the worldwide life sciences industry, today announced that multiple presentations have highlighted features and benefits of the Company's recently-released, next-generation Barocycler 2320EXTREME instrument (the "Barocycler 2320EXT") at scientific meetings in Germany, Poland, and Ireland over the past 30 days.

Tri-State Bio Recovery Cleaning Services Offers Unparalleled Hoarding Cleanup in Yonkers and New City

LogoHoarding is a psychological disorder characterized by an inability to throw away any items. In some cases, it may be characterized by an individual who continually purchases or acquires new possessions even when they are not needed. The tendency to retain these items can be overcome through proper counseling and treatment. There are also individuals who are obsessed with one particular type of item and become obsessed with compiling as many things as possible. Some hoarders tend to collect the remains of a corpse. Despite the ultimatum, they do not seem to care for the warnings. This is due to the typical impulsion that leads them to act like this. Proper care, empathy, and psychological care are required to treat such patient.

Tri State Bio Recovery Cleaning Services Performs Quality Biohazard Cleanup in Harrisburg and Scranton

LogoBiohazard cleanup requires more than sweat and elbow grease. Whenever there is a need for biohazard cleanup, the first step is to alert the proper environmental authorities. Their response to the emergency is almost immediate. They are also responsible for determining the seriousness of the situation point; several things may happen. Tri-State Bio Recovery Cleaning Services is one such cleanup service provider that provides biohazard remediation, clean up and removal services for bio-hazardous waste, and are properly trained on how to handle biohazard cleanup in Harrisburg and Scranton. Irregular clearance of these materials may lead to serious condition. Tri-State has been trained to follow OSHA and other health regulations to ensure unsafe environments removed adequately of harmful contaminants.

The Academy of Harmonics Launches Kickstarter Campaign for CosmoChron

LogoThe Academy of Harmonics has announced that they have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their all new cosmic clock called CosmoChron. This inspiring project aims at bringing this remarkable cosmic clock to everyone with an aim to enable people in getting a better understanding of the solar system and the universe at large. In simple words, CosmoChron is a simulation of the solar system in cosmic real-time in vibrating colors and sounds.

YukBGone: The Only Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer & Toilet Seat Spray Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoYukBGone is the ultimate hygiene solution and it is the only non-toxic hand sanitizer and toilet seat spray. Founded by Jody Harris, the company is now seeking community support and raising funds on the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo. In addition, YukBGone is the world's first non-toxic toilet seat spray that makes the public restroom experience enjoyable. The project is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and the company is welcoming everyone to participate in the crowdfunding with generosity and love.

Zinc Oxide LLC Acquires Zochem…Becomes Largest Zinc Oxide Producer in North America

Zinc Oxide LLC, a leading zinc oxide manufacturer, has announced the acquisition of Zochem, a subsidiary of American Zinc Recycling LLC. With this acquisition, the combined company becomes the largest producer of zinc oxide in North America. Headquarters will reside at the Zinc Oxide LLC Dickson TN facility.

Timeplast Plans to Put an End to Plastic Pollution with the World's First and Only Nano-Degraded Plastic

LogoTimeplast, the world's first and only nano-degraded plastic which promises to end plastic pollution forever, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc. Partners with BizIQ

AAA Fire Protection Resources, Inc., a provider of fire protection equipment sales, installation and service to commercial clients, is pleased to announce it has partnered with BizIQ, a web marketing company in Phoenix, Arizona, that works with small business clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Experts from Rentokil Initial Working Together with Key Industry Leaders and Food Safety Auditors to Improve Food Safety in Malaysia

LogoRecently, international news portal were swamped with food recall reports on contaminated eggs in the European markets. Besides recalling the eggs, a long list of food products that contained eggs had to be withdrawn from shelves as well. Closer to home, in 2016 a popular milk brand in Malaysia had also recalled their product off the shelf when it was found to be contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Wave Water Works, LLC a Green Energy Company Has a Solution for Generating Power and Electricity in the Hurricane-Hit Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Other Islands

Wave Water Works, LLC is in the final stages of development of the "Oscillo Drive"® their patented technology that can generate clean power and electrical energy from wave-motions. The company is determined to help the hurricane-hit US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico by providing them the technology to produce clean, inexhaustible power and electricity, quickly and economically. Although not a complete solution for the total island's energy requirements, the Oscillo Drive® is an important part of a holistic approach to the island's long- term energy solutions.

Flextech Energy: A Remarkable Solar Powerbank Backup Backpack Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoFlextech Energy has proudly announced that it has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its all new Solar Backup Backpack. This unique backpack also works as a 10.000 milliamp Powerbank that serves as a Backup System in the Solar Backpack charged with a 6.5 Watt Solar Panel. The German based company is therefore welcoming everyone to generously support this project on Kickstarter by making pledges and donations to the crowdfunding campaign.

Tri-County Cleaning Offers Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida

There is one company that has earned the people's approval for janitorial services in Fort Lauderdale and Sunrise, Florida. Tri-County Cleaning Services tops the list when determining the leading name in commercial carpet cleaning in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It does not take much effort to keep the surroundings clean in one's office. The main challenge that offices face is dealing with a dirty or strained carpet. Whether it is the lobby or the main floor, the carpet is bound to get dirty easily. Due to the heavy footfall that the carpet has to handle every day, it is not easy for just any ordinary cleaning personnel to get the carpet cleaned. One would require the resources and the right equipment to get a carpet cleaned thoroughly. In an office set up, the carpet needs to be very neat and clean as that is what prospective clients are going to take a look at. Creating the right first impression is necessary, and Tri-County Cleaning Services never disappoints their clients' in that regard.

Air Quality Control Environmental Inc Promises to Deliver Pure Air for All to Breathe

LogoThere is one company that promises to deliver pure air for all to breathe. Air Quality Environmental Inc., is one of the well-known and recognized independent air quality authority serving South Florida. They have been around since 1991, and there is none other than them who has been doing an excellent job regarding vent cleaning and air duct cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens and Miami Beach FL. They have some of the best and finest industry experienced and ready professionals available at home. They carry the extensive knowledge of ductwork and HVAC systems, and they are all trained to use the patented technologies. When it comes to vent cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens and Miami Beach FL, there is hardly any that can match up to their service excellence. They will do their best to enhance the quality of the air in one's home or business.

Porta Potty Rental Across the Colorado Front Range with Site Services from S & B Porta-Bowl Portable Restrooms

LogoOpen access to a site cannot always be taken for granted. When site services are required in restricted areas like a building under construction, S & B Porta-Bowl Restrooms have solutions for every occasion. One model of a portable restroom, the 'elevator portable restroom' is particularly narrow so that it can be maneuvered between floors of a building via the elevator. This model comes equipped with lockable caster wheels so that it can be easily relocated within the building. In addition, a crane hook on the unit makes the lifting easy work with the right equipment.

Cluster Biotechnology Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Deal with Food Wastage Worldwide

LogoGustavo Cerqueira, an inspiring Australian entrepreneur and the founder of a startup called Cluster Biotechnology has announced that he is seeking community support on Kickstarter to fight the problem of food wastage worldwide. With the successful research and development of APICAL Foodie, an organic product that can help reduce global food waste, the company hopes to change the way people live their lives in the 21st century.

Customers Rely on WRS Dumpster Rental for Expert, Responsible Service

The team at WRS Dumpster Rental promises affordable, quick and friendly service throughout Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. With over 25 years of combined experience in the waste removal industry, they know the correct solutions for any job. They offer a comprehensive selection of commercial and residential dumpsters to ensure that customers can secure the perfect fit for their needs, whether they're looking to rent a dumpster in Philadelphia, PA or Baltimore, MD.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. Taking New Customers in Need of Any Pest Control Services Throughout Fall 2017 and Beyond

Johnny Bugs, Inc. is taking new customers in need of any pest control services throughout fall 2017 and beyond. Insects can be troublesome and annoying, especially when they invade a home. This season, don't let pests get in the way. Book an appointment with Johnny Bugs, Inc. so that their team can get to work on whatever the specific pest elimination process requires. There's never a need to let bugs intrude on a living situation, and with Johnny Bugs, Inc., services are provided quickly and efficiently.

Bio Clean Provides Meth Lab Cleanups in Olympia and Tacoma, Washington

LogoA meth lab cleanup can be dangerous in many different ways, so it takes a particular brand of expertise to respond to these situations. Bio Clean is a company in the state of Washington that provides meth lab cleanups in the Tacoma-Renton-Bellingham area, and they also serve residents of Olympia and further down the I-5 corridor. This service that they offer is often needed, because crystal methamphetamine use is quite widespread in the Pacific Northwest and many other parts of the United States.

Four Corners Equine Rescue Awarded Verification by Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

LogoFour Corners Equine Rescue, one of only 10 licensed horse rescues in the state of New Mexico, receives Verified status from The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), the only globally recognized organization providing standards for identifying legitimate animal sanctuaries.

Accelerated Remediation Carries out Detailed Mold Inspection in Boca Raton and Pompano Beach FL at Just $298

Whether one owns a commercial or residential property, the presence of mold in it is not good news. Mold is not only bad for the structural integrity, but if left untreated for long, then mold can also pose serious health hazards to one's family and employees too if the mold has spread in the commercial space that one owns. One needs the service of a company that has proven expertise in handling and treating mold. Accelerated Remediation is one such company that has trained and skilled professionals who can help with a complete and thorough mold inspection in Boca Raton and Pompano Beach FL. According to the experts who have handled the mold problem for so many years, a mold testing is the first step to get this problem treated. With a comprehensive mold testing in Delray Beach and Parkland FL, the professionals get started on the remediation job. Mold is usually visible,but there might be places that are not visible to the eyes. It becomes important to get those places detected thoroughly so that a solution can be sought.

Accelerated Remediation Follows Cutting Edge Technology in Mold Testing in Delray Beach and Parkland FL

Old methods are often fruitful, but when it comes to mold remediation, no chances can be taken. That precisely describes the need for a company that calls themselves experts in the field. Accelerated Remediation is one of the best in the industry, and they are excellent when it comes to mold inspection in Boca Raton and Pompano Beach FL. The company has some of the experienced hands working for them who can carry out the mold testing in Delray Beach and Parkland FL with absolute perfection. Their years of experience teaches them how to quickly locate the places where the mold infestation has occurred and provided the fastest remediation solution.

Busy Bee Cleaning Company Booking New Customers in Need of House Cleaning Services This Fall Season

With summer winding down, now is the perfect time to think about fall cleaning to prepare for the cooler months ahead. Busy Bee Cleaning Company is booking new customers in need of house cleaning services this fall season. Busy Bee Cleaning Company understands that today's society is a busy one. With hectic work schedules and long to-do lists, housecleaning can often fall to the wayside. Busy Bee Cleaning Company is here to relieve some of the stress by cleaning any home to desired perfection.

Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. Looks to Rent out Dumpsters

At Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. they aim to provide their premier roll-off dumpster rental services to the Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA region. They will accommodate for both residential and business locations. With more than 40 years of experience, their experienced drivers are very familiar with the area, allowing them to deliver roll-off dumpster rentals in a timely fashion. With a multitude sizes of sizes available, from 10-yard to 40 cubic-yard capacity, their professional and friendly team will assist every customer in selecting the appropriate size dumpster for their project.