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Upcoming Shows for LVP Electricity Generating Solar Panels

LVP Renewables of Dublin, Ireland, the solar system for the home distributor, will be attending several shows in the fall to showcase their electricity generating solar panels to the public. The shows include the Selfbuild Live in Dublin this September, Ideal Homes Show in October and the Selfbuild Live – Cork 2018 coming up this November. LVP will be in attendance to answer questions and provide consultations for homeowners.

Sgt, Scrap Now Offering Scrap Service on Sundays

Business owners and contractors in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states have a new option for scrap metal pickup over the weekends. Sgt. Scrap's metal scrap yard is now open on Sundays in Montgomery County in an effort to make business and life a little easier for those who accumulate scrap metal in their line of work.

Choice MedWaste Offers a Wide Range of Medical Waste Disposal Products

Medical professionals who are in need of an expanded set of waste disposal products for their facility are encouraged to contact Choice MedWaste today to learn about their extensive selection of OSHA-compliant products for medical waste disposal in Lancaster PA. With a number of different options for sharps containers(from chemotherapy to pharmaceutical), red bags, medical waste boxes and accessories, Choice MedWaste is quickly becoming Pennsylvania's number one resource for everything needed to safely and securely remove medical waste and biohazardous materials.

Climate Policies Affecting Industry in Key Sectors Across the World

In Europe, Dr. Benny Peiser, Director of London-based Global Warming Policy Forum, said governments have burdened their countries with "hugely expensive climate policies."

Harpoon Pest Solutions Offers Professional Mice Extermination Services

Harpoon Pest Solutions, a pest control company based in Landsdowne, PA, offers high-quality extermination services throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. Their goal is to offer dependable, effective, and lasting pest control solutions to their customers at an affordable price.

ELO Reusable Straws Aim to Help Rid Landfills and Oceans of Plastic Waste

LogoPlastic straws are among the most common types of garbage found in landfills and oceans, as hundreds of millions of people all over the world use them each day. ELO Labs, short for "earth, land, ocean," has designed innovative new reusable straws in an effort to combat this growing problem.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. Purchases School Supplies for Florida Families in Need

Sarasota's "pet-friendly" exterminators, as they are locally known, Johnny Bugs, Inc., is continuing to help the local community in Southwest Florida. By purchasing school supplies for a handful of local families and children in need, the family owned and operated business is leading by example and doing what it can to help prepare students for the upcoming school year in spite of the ever-rising costs of school supplies.

Colorado Porta Potty Rentals Offer Solutions for Temporary Toilets for Construction Sites, Portable Restrooms for Weddings, and Portable Event Toilets

LogoPortable restrooms are required across the Colorado Front range for a number of reasons. With so much construction underway, the area to be covered may be extensive. In these circumstances, the normal 'formula' for the number of construction toilets required may need to be modified. One portable toilet per 10 men per 40-hour week with one service visit is not a good solution when the work zone stretches several miles. In these instances, it may be better to hire multiple units and space them along the work zone. The experienced staff at S & B Porta-Bowl can help recommend a plan for the number of units to hire as well as the location. Units may be located centrally or scattered around an area. For projects which progress along a road or track, units may be relocated as the timeline progresses, so they are always in the best position at the right time. If this needs to be scheduled, a visit which coincides with a servicing of the unit would make sense.

Liberty Tree & Landscape Management Talks Summertime Landscaping Dos and Don'ts

Liberty Tree & Landscape Management, the go-to tree surgeon for Montgomery County property owners, is offering a list of useful "dos and don'ts" to keep in mind when tending to summer landscaping activities.

Junk Rescue Offers Superior Garbage Removal Services in Mercer County, NJ and Beyond

Those who are in need of a superior garbage and debris removal service near Mercer County, NJ, for residential or commercial properties this summer can rely on the services provided by the heroic team at Junk Rescue. For years, this company has safely and efficiently removed all sorts of items from different types of properties. Those who are interested in junk removal services from this company are encouraged to contact them today and schedule an appointment for service.

MXI Environmental Services Launches Line of Paints Made with Recycled Waste Paint for US Domestic Markets

LogoMXI Environmental Services, LLC (MXI), an environmental services firm that specializes in managing household hazardous waste (HHW) events for state and local governments, is announcing that the company is launching a line of paint and coating products made with the recycled waste paint collected at their HHW events. The Managing Members of MXI have formed a new company called Third Eye Products, LLC, which will manage the sales, marketing, and distribution efforts for the recycled paint.

New, Low-Cost Tool, Daizyp, Makes Recycling Cups Easier Than Ever

LogoRecognizing a flaw in the consumer recycling process, inventor Efrem Tommasi created a simple and low-cost yet powerful solution to improve upon the standard recycling bin: Daizyp. The problem is, a lot of recyclable waste isn't getting recycled, particularly all the plastic and paper cups that often get mixed in the waste bin with other trash. Efrem's eco-friendly innovation solves this problem by making it easier for people to toss used cups into Daizyp's designated space, which attaches to waste and recycling bins.

Ahold of Mold Environmental Joins Forces with BizIQ

Ahold of Mold Environmental, a local company specializing in mold remediation services, is now joining forces with BizIQ, a national digital marketing agency known for its high-quality content and use of search engine optimization (SEO).

The Danger of Plastic Disposals – Its Effects on Families and the Society

This article is about the problem of using plastics in our daily life. According to the Ecology Center, one of the problems with using plastics is chemical migration from plastic packaging into contents. To keep a healthy life, there are 3 ways everyone can easily follow.

Harpoon Pest Solutions Offers Professional Bee and Wasp Removal Services

Harpoon Pest Solutions offers pest control services in Chester County and Delaware County with expertise in the safe and effective removal of invasive bees and wasps. Wasps, including yellow jackets and hornets, can be dangerous predators who are naturally hostile to humans, especially when provoked or agitated. Other pollinator species of bees, such as honey bees, carpenter bees, and mason bees, can cause debilitating structural damage to homes and business properties.

DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration – The Best Friend for Cleaning and Restoration

DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration just got their 800th five-star review on Angie's List and therefore became the carpet cleaning company with the most positive reviews in the area.

Choice MedWaste Offers Healthcare Workers Tips on Safe Sharps Handling

Healthcare professionals who are looking to learn more about how to stay safe around needles and other sharps are encouraged to check out this month's blog post from Choice MedWaste, one of Pennsylvania's top professional providers of biohazard waste disposal in Lancaster, PA. With a staff dedicated to the safe removal of medical waste, the team at Choice MedWaste is also committed to helping healthcare workers understand how to prevent sharps injuries and what to do if an accident occurs in their workplace.

Colorado Porta Potty Rental Logistics Are Simple for Temporary Toilets for Construction Sites, Portable Restrooms for Weddings, and Portable Potty Hire for Events

LogoSummertime in Colorado is a busy time for one of the premier Colorado Porta Potty Rental companies, S & B Porta-Bowl. There are two main types of client - event organizers and construction site managers. Events vary in size and may last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Arranging portable toilets in advance takes some of the pressure off, making the other arrangements easier. With the expertise to help with the portable restroom logistics, the staff at S & B Porta-Bowl know how best to situate the units, and how many will be required. For high-end events like weddings, restroom trailers can be hired which have luxury interiors, upgraded hand washing stations, and spacious floor plans. A wide selection of ADA accessible models is also available. Solar powered restrooms are also a popular choice, they are known as the 'Just Like Home' models. For events which carry on after sunset, lighting on the portable toilets is a consideration.

Cleanosaur Offers Reliable Houses Cleaning Services with a Focus on Quality and Excellence

LogoCleanosaur, a professional cleaning company in Dallas, TX, offers reliable houses cleaning services that are customized to suit requirements of each and every customer. Cleaning professionals associated with the company are highly trained to follow unique cleaning system, which is designed for excellent results. Their professionals carry a large selection of cleaning supplies & tools that help them deliver services quickly and efficiently. The company is broadly acknowledged across Dallas, Allen, Frisco, Plano, Irvine, Grapevine, and Fort Worth, and other major cities across the United States for its service excellence and high professionalism.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Offering Construction Cleaning Services This Summer Season

LogoMinch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is offering construction cleaning services this summer season and beyond. Some of the most time-consuming cleaning projects are those that come after construction work has been finished. Not only can construction sites be annoying and tedious to clean—they can even be dangerous if the cleaning is not completed by a professional company with the right equipment to keep employees and owners safe from dust, debris, and paint residue.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Offers Stress-Free Cleaning for Summer Events

LogoFor homeowners across Pennsylvania, the summer season means barbeques, family reunions, and parties with friends and family members. Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is encouraging everyone planning a summer event to allow them to handle their home or apartment cleaning so they can focus on enjoying time with the people who matter most. With a little bit of help from the professionals, homeowners can rest assured that their spaces are ready for any upcoming summer event.

Tri-County Cleaning Services Emerges as the Best Name in Commercial Office Cleaning in Boca Raton and Delray Beach Florida

LogoIt is the lookout for every business owner to manage the finances of the company well. Though keeping the premises clean is crucial, managing everything within a strict budget is also on the list of every business owner. That is when outsourcing commercial office cleaning in Boca Raton and Delray Beach Florida is a good idea. Tri-County Cleaning Services is one company that handles commercial office cleaning in a very professional manner, thereby helping business owners to control the costs, free valuable labor hours and also assist in maintaining the professional appearance of one's business.

Busy Bee Cleaning Co. Offers Tips on Cleaning Walls This Summer

Busy Bee Cleaning Co. provides the highest-quality cleaning services for Pennsylvania residents. Staffed by a team of professional house cleaning specialists, this company cleans local homes and businesses with courtesy, competence, and proficiency.

Junk Rescue Soars Into the Summer 2018 Season Offering Reliable Junk Removal Services and Much More

Junk Rescue is continuing to go above and beyond for their customers by providing superior junk removal services all summer long. The company offers various junk removal options to those in New Jersey and Pennsylvania which includes, but is not limited to, efficient garbage removal in Burlington County.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. Offering Ant and Cockroach Extermination Services This Summer and Beyond

Florida residents in need of pest extermination services can seek assistance from Johnny Bugs, Inc. now. The full-service company is currently taking on new customers and is offering their ant and cockroach extermination services throughout the summer season and beyond. In fact, for cockroach and ant exterminators in Sarasota County and many other surrounding areas, please feel free to reach out to the company today.