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Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc. Announces Eco>Absorb Emergency Rolling Response Kit Available for Purchase

LogoOntario, CA-based company, Eco-Absorbent Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce that their Eco>Absorb Emergency Rolling Response Kit is available for purchase immediately. Eco>Absorb is an innovative spill management solution that is entirely free of crystalline silica. It is effective at handling any spill imaginable and is 100% safe to be used in schools, hospitals and homes.

Biodegradable Bags-New Type of Eco-Friendly Bags

The bag ban should include an exemption allowing for biodegradable bags that break down in the land fill and in the environment. By encouraging the use of these bags the demand would drive development of even better biodegradable bags (common daily usage bags: biodegradable shopping bags, biodegradable garbage bags) and could start a trend for their replacement of non-degradable bag use around the country and around the world making a huge impact on the environment. This also would allow retailers to have a better option for their customers.

Pest Clinic Provides Experienced, Affordable and Reliable Pest Control Services for Effective Pest Removal

Pest Clinic is a name to reckon with when it comes to pest control services in Singapore. The company has made its name in the 30 years of its existence, serving hundreds and thousands of clients in the city. Pest Clinic provides services to residential as well as commercial properties. The company also has specialized pest control techniques used for industrial complexes. For residential pest control services, the company uses special organic toxins that are non-hazardous in nature.

Mold Removal Offers Myriad Services That Keep Home and Offices Clean and Free from Toxic Mold Growth

LogoWhen it comes to mold affecting the homes of customers, black mold removal is on the top requested services of Mold Remover in Illinois since this kind of mold is a lot more pertinent and common and is also essentially non toxic. Apart from mold removal, Mold Remediation Services Illinois is also what one can opt for when working with Mold Removal.

TriState Forestry Equipment Offers Free Flight Into Philadelphia for Customers to Inspect Their Vehicles

TriState Forestry Equipment sells high-quality used forestry equipment and trucks, such as wood chippers, grapple trucks, bucket trucks and skid loaders, to all 50 states. The company is also able to assist international companies interested in their equipment with exports, and have had extensive experience selling and shipping to Canada, and as far away as Australia. Customers can view their vast inventory online and the distributor is always happy to take calls and provide details on any equipment in their fleet. As one of the most trusted names in the used forestry and logging equipment industry, the company guarantees that every vehicle on their lot is inspected by an ISA Certified Arborist to ensure it meets the strictest standards of performance and safety. As a testament to their customer service commitment, TriState Forestry Equipment also offers a free one-way ticket into Philadelphia International Airport, for any out-of-state customers who would like to inspect the company's vehicles.

Mac's Janitorial Services Offering Power Washing of Storefronts

LogoA business or office may be sparklingly clean on the inside, but if the exterior of the building appears dingy or worn from years of accumulated grime and the effects of the elements, potential customers may get the wrong first impression. The difference before and after a power washing of a building's exterior can be shocking, with many clients surprised to see the beauty unveiled once the buildup has been removed. Mac's Janitorial Services, which provides a host of different cleaning services including interior and exterior office cleaning to Philadelphia, announces that it is offering power washing of building exteriors to help businesses improve their outside appearance.

Indiegogo Introduces Amazing CO2 Based Product for Renewable Energy

Rod Nelson was never formally educated, instead earning the majority of his education in mining and construction. After 60 years of hard work, the 84 year old has become an entrepreneur with a process that will reduce electric bills to nothing. That's correct…zero cost for electricity. The system can also reduce CO2 emissions in autos, trucks and most importantly, heavy equipment and manufacturing.

Bed Bugs Plague Wilmerding, PA, as Residents Rush to Figure out What to Do About the Pesky Problem

LogoThe residents of a housing development in Wilmerding, PA, are being scarred for life over the pesky problem of bed bugs. What's worse is that the residents believe that the Housing and Redevelopment Authority isn't doing enough to handle the issue. Residents are being eaten alive in their own homes while they sleep, and they are demanding a response from the authorities who run these developments.

Earth's Best Pest Control Publishes Warning of Increased Infestations as Wet Season Hits Orlando Florida

Over a week of flooding downpours has assaulted the state of Florida to get August off to a soggy start. These extreme rainy conditions not only cause an increase in flooding, but also invite an extreme increase in bug invasions, as insects of all varieties seek refuge from the elements in human homes. This is a huge inconvenience as well as a potential health risk, and homeowners need to deal with it quickly and effectively. Orlando pest control company Earth's Best offers a fast and effective extermination service that is also environmentally friendly.

Clutter Truckers Offer More Than Junk Removal to Denver Residents

LogoHoarding is a complex issue that affects family members' physical and mental well-being. For removal services from household clutter to hoarding clean up Denver residents have options that go beyond clean homes. Locally owned Clutter Trucker, a hoarding clean up and junk removal service, specializes in dealing with hoarding and offers more than cleaning services.

New Jersey Contract Research Organization Provides Superior Endotoxin and Rapid Sterility Testing

LogoGibraltar Laboratories, Inc. provides the highest level of contract research services to a broad variety of industries including the medical device, pharmaceutical, pharmacological and chemical industries. Right now, the company has announced that they have openings to provide some of the highest quality endotoxin and rapid sterility testing available in the United States.

New Jersey Contract Research Organization Provides Thorough Environmental Monitoring

LogoGibraltar Laboratories, Inc. provides contract research as well as extensive sterilization services for clientele all throughout the United States. Through their roughly 40,000 square foot research laboratories in Fairfield and Pine Brook, New Jersey, they are able to deliver a variety of services to their clientele, which include the medical device, tissue bank, orthopedic, biopharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries. Right now, Gibraltar Laboratories is advising clientele that they provide high-quality thorough environmental monitoring and testing services as well.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning Sweeps Away the Junk After Every Big Event in Washington, DC

LogoThe election time is here, and politicians are everywhere, organizing events and rallies all over Virginia and Washington. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is proud to be present to clean up after any event with a combination of services that will have an area spotless after every political rally. We will be there to make sure the area is sparkling clean, leaving it available for the next event or campaign.

Professional Tank & Environmental Announces Oil Tank Removal Services Now Available in Lehigh County, PA

LogoWhen residents of Lehigh County, PA are looking to have their oil tank removed immediately, one company that they can count on is Professional Tank & Environmental. What's more, although the company's headquarters are in Lower Bucks County, PA, their professionals are extremely willing to travel to complete any removal or installation job. In fact, Professional Tank & Environmental is eager to announce that they are taking customers who need immediate oil tank removal services in Lehigh County.

Garrido Fences Offers Sturdy, Affordable Fencing in Bucks County

LogoBucks County homeowners who want to install new fencing on their properties frequently love the classic appearance of wrought iron, but the expense of the fencing materials often prohibits them from installing it. However, Garrido Fences, serving Bucks and Montgomery County, has a solution. The company offers aluminum fencing, which creates the appearance of wrought iron while staying within a wider range of budgets. Aluminum fencing is also sturdy, durable and low-maintenance.

Southern Irrigation Announces Availability for Residential and Commercial Irrigation Repair This Summer

LogoSummer is the season where irrigation systems are imperative to the health of a lawn or garden. Scorching heat can mean that moisture evaporates quickly, and failure to provide a consistent source of water due to a breakdown in an irrigation system can quickly cause unattractive browning and wilting of grass and plants. To help clients avoid any interruptions in the functioning of their sprinkler systems and other irrigation systems, this summer, Southern Irrigation is providing irrigation repair to Brentwood, TN, and the surrounding regions.

Greenhill Fencing Inc. Offers a Wide Range of Fence Types in Bucks County, PA

LogoWhen it comes to buying a fence, commercial companies and homeowners need to select the right type that will match the exterior of the building. Aside from achieving pleasant exterior aesthetics, the fence type also has to meet the needs of the homeowner or business owner. As one of the most reputable fence contractors serving the Bucks County, PA, area, Greenhill Fencing Inc. offers a wide variety of quality fence types. Whether the fence is needed to achieve privacy, establish a safer environment, or establish boundaries, customers can depend on the topnotch fence services of Greenhill Fencing Inc.

More Rain for Britain – Farmers Urged to Exploit This Free Resource

Whilst the recent bad weather may have hampered agricultural shows, fairs and fetes throughout the country, with more rain on its way, Farmers should be capitalising on this free resource, according to plastic water tanks specialist, Enduramaxx.

Plastic Storage Tank Specialist Backing Biomass Revolution

Biomass is making significant gains over other fuel as more and more people turn to processing their own. Throughout the process, supplies of water and its storage are imperative for cleaning purposes. Peterborough-based Enduramaxx is providing more and more organisations with the means to collect and store large quantities of rainwater, as well as storing waste water correctly.

New Kickstarter Campaign Launches an Exciting Gadget - The BRS Trash Bin

The Bag Ready System (BRS) has caused great excitement with gadget experts and gadget lovers. The company behind the new trash bin that is quickly cleaned and a new bag is replaced within a few easy steps is now offering FREE Bags For Life.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Receives 2015 Green Giving Partner Award

LogoThe nation's leading service provider for household hazardous waste collection events and on-site hazardous waste disposal services, MXI Maumee Express, Inc. is proud to announce they have received the 2015 Green Giving Partner Award. The award was provided by Matthew 25: Ministries (M25) for MXI's commitment to the environment by reducing waste and repurposing excess product for humanitarian work.

Dynamic Recycling LLC Announces Beverage Destruction After Fourth of July

LogoAs warehouses and liquor stores stocked up on beverages in anticipation of July 4 celebrations, they are stuck with an excess of undrinkable alcohol. When the cases are expired or damaged, Dynamic Recycling LLC helps companies go green with their alcohol recycling and disposal services. As July 4 has passed, the company is proudly assisting warehouses and liquor stores with the destruction of these beverages. Their innovative recycling process helps create renewable energy while reducing costs for their customers.

Creator of the Emery Cat Board Launches Kickstarter Campaign, New Kickstarter Campaign Launches an Exciting Gadget - The BRS Trash Bin

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to showcase to the world the most exciting kitchen and office gadget in recent years. The Bag-­Ready System (BRS) is a trash can like no other. The inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Michael T. Diep has invented a trash can that takes away the hassle of cleaning a bin and changing the bags.

Environet Offers Japanese Knotweed Removal, Control and Eradication Services

Japanese knotweed is an extremely aggressive plant with the ability to break through gaps in concrete, damaging the structure of buildings. Leaving the plant to grow risks significant consequences as it is able to grow up to 2m in a few weeks. Removing the Japanese knotweed before it causes expensive damage is vital, and it is important that landowners address the problem straight away to ensure complete control or removal.

Columbia Pest Control Warns of High Home Invasion Pest Risk

It's certainly a scorching hot summer for residents of Portland, Oregon this summer. While some residents are enjoying the heat, many are discovering that their home has become something of a "pest magnet".