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Monster Tree Service Announces Franchise & Business Opportunities Are Available

LogoMonster Tree Service, a seven-year-old tree care and service company headquartered in Fort Washington, PA, is pleased to announce that they have franchise opportunities and business opportunities available. Monster Tree Service offers franchise opportunities all over the United States, and those who feel that this is an opportunity that they would like to pursue can fill out a contact form on the "Own A Monster" page of their website.

Elabora Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Build NarniAround Walking Trails

LogoElabora is an innovative project that was first conceived by those who have been working for years in university and corporate training.  The focus of the group is to offer empowering strategies for both individuals and organizations that will help them strengthen and make the most of each other's talents, as well as develop resources that belong to everyone.  This group believes that the key to living in harmony with each other and the environment is balanced growth.  Through the use of new tools and possibilities, Elabora creates a mix of activities focused on value-rational actions and cooperation among institutions, companies and citizens.  As a way of promoting this fundamental truth, the group has created a new project called NarniAround, a trail adoption idea in and around the beautiful medieval city of Narni.

World Landforms Provides in Depth Analysis on Formation of Various Landforms

Geographical landforms are unique structures that were created over millions of years due to various natural activities. Forces exerted by wind, climatic changes, soil erosion and tectonic movement has led to the formation of natural features all over the planet such as Archipelagos, Basins, Bayous, Cliffs, Channels, Capes, Deserts, Dunes, Forests, Glaciers, Gulfs, Hills, Islands, Lakes, Oasis, Oceans, Plateaus, Volcanoes and Waterfalls. World landforms, an online informative portal provides detailed information about various landforms. Readers and students who are keen to know about continents and other geographical features can gather such useful information from this portal. In order to make it interesting for readers, several pictures have also been used.

An Innovative Approach to Stopping the Los Angeles Drought

The future upcoming Los Angeles mayoral candidate Frantz Pierre, is pleased to announce the second part of his drought relief plan. Earlier last month, Pierre announced an innovative proposal which includes: Build a Desalination Plant That Uses 100% Renewable Energy and Nanotechnology.

Monster Tree Service Taking New Customers in Need of Immediate Tree Removal Services

LogoAfter a long and temperamental winter here in the United States, there are undoubtedly many trees that have been damaged not only by the winter storms, but also the frigid temperatures. In fact, the older a tree is, the less of a cold tolerance it has and the more susceptible it is to being damaged. To help property owners remove any dead or unwanted trees, Monster Tree Service, a tree care service company, is pleased to announce that they are taking new customers in need of immediate tree removal services.

Jenny Carvajal Bilingual Environmental Health and Safety Advisor for U.S. Compliance Corp Specializes in Hazard Communication

Jenny Carvajal is a Bilingual Environmental, Health & Safety Advisor for U.S. Compliance Corp based out of the Southeast U.S. Carvajal's areas of expertise in the environmental, health and safety field includes, Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure, Hazard Communication, Hazardous Materials and Machine Guarding.

Diamond Environmental Services Creates New Website to Better Promote Septic Pumping Services Online

Environmental services play a quiet but essential role in keeping our metropolitan centers and suburban communities liveable. In many areas it is still not viable to connect homes to public sewerage systems, making septic tanks essential. Keeping these well maintained and regularly emptied is of the utmost importance to homeowners. Diamond Environmental Services started out in septic pumping services, and now offer everything from porta-potty rental to temporary power supplies and fences. They have just created a new website to better represent their broad range of services.

Got Scrap? Need Cash?

LogoGot scrap? Need cash? For over 70 years Miller Recycling has been servicing the New England area, assisting generators of nonferrous/ ferrous metal scrap. This includes Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Lead, Stainless Steel, Insulated Wire as well as Iron and Steel.

BigC666 Enterprises, LLC Launches New Water Filter Systems Rectifying Public Gambit

In the face of a spreading freshwater shortage made worse by swelling residential and commercial water usage, America finds itself struggling to find ways of offsetting imminent disaster. Among these measures are plans for the building and use of new public water treatment plants utilizing outflow from existing waste water treatment facilities across the country. Despite extensive treatment and sanitation procedures via the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act put into effect in 1972 and 1974 respectively, water supplies are already riddled with trace amounts of potentially harmful chemicals, minerals and microbes. This prompts growing concern from residents and government agencies alike over these impending arrangements.

Biologist and Underwater Photographer Anna Shvab Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Support "The Underwater Beauty" Project

LogoSince the last one year, biologist and underwater photographer Anna Shvab has been busy with diving and photography in the Red Sea. Having completed more than one hundred photography dives, Anna has clicked innumerable photographs that display the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater world and shared them through the social media. The power of Anna's photography has already resulted in many people's growing interest in marine life. The objective of Anna's "The Underwater Beauty" project is to introduce the beauty of the underwater world to all.

Environet Offers Japanese Knotweed Removal Services with Insurance Backed Guarantees

Japanese knotweed is an invasive and damaging plant. As we enter high growth season, the plant which hides beneath the ground surface in the winter can grow to up to 2.1m in a very short period of time. Homeowners that fail to remove the plant will see ongoing damage. The aggressive and invasive nature means that homeowners found responsible for helping the spread of the plant could face an Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

Ionized Alkaline Water: One of the Most Innovative Solutions in Battling Diseases

LogoHaving a good source of clean and safe drinking water has been a great issue in most countries all over the world which is why the emergence of water refineries and bottled drinking water producers has become really massive. The necessity for a safe drinking water aims to prevent the occurrence of certain gastrointestinal infections which may become an epidemic if the problem in the provision of safe water is not solved.

Elements of Design: Celebrating Nature Through Fashion

Foundation for a Green Future, Inc., Boston GreenFest, and VStyle Productions. Partnership with: Rose Kennedy Greenway, Savers and John Robert Powers. Althea Blackford of VStyle Productions is the Creative Director of the show and Dr. Karen L. Weber is the Executive Director of the Foundation and Boston GreenFest.

Greener Hydroponics Offers Organic, Indoor and Outdoor Growing Solutions

The use of hydroponics, organic gardening and advanced growing practices are increasing around the world. Greener Hydroponics is among an elite number of companies specializing in equipment, tools and nutrients for the organic gardening market. The firm serves the needs of home gardeners and large commercial growing operations for both indoor and outdoor growing styles.

Government Health Expert from India Details New Discoveries Showing Wireless Damages Sperm, Hearing and Human DNA in an Upcoming Lecture at George Washington University

The Environmental Health Trust and George Washington University are hosting a public lecture, featuring Senior Indian government radiation expert Dr. Radhey Shyam Sharma and Dr. Devra Davis, Founder of the Environmental Health Trust (EHT), entitled "Update on Cell Phones and Health: New Research from Indian Medical Research Council" on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. The event starts at 11:30 AM at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University at 950 New Hampshire Avenue NW in Washington DC. The event is open to the press and public.

Skip Bins Now Promote Their Online 'Free Quote' Feature

Having been one of Melbourne's leading skip bin hire and rubbish removal companies for many years now, Skip Bins Now are constantly looking for new ways to further improve their business. Having recently approached local clients for their feedback on what they thought of Skip Bins Now, the team were able to start implementing new business practices and strategies with the goal of providing an even better service than before.

Skip Bins Plus Promote Their Tuesday & Wednesday Special

Skip Bins Plus has been providing local Melbourne residents with a professional and reliable skip bin hire and rubbish removal service for many years now. Owner and operators Aaron and Tania Maiolo, along with their dedicated team, recently held a meeting to see what areas of the business could be improved, so that they continue to be one of Melbourne's leading skip bin companies.

Environmental Heat Solutions Warns Summer Heat Increases Bed Bug Infestations

LogoEnvironmental Heat Solutions would like to caution residents in the Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, to be on the lookout for bed bugs while participating in their summer plans. By now, most people know that bed bugs are a common nuisance that travelers need to be aware of, however, others with social summer plans need to be aware to be on the lookout for these annoying insects.

A Green Solution to Bed Bugs: Environmental Heat Solutions

LogoBed bugs are a problem that no one wants to think about for many, they are a real issue. Hotels and other institutions fear the ramifications of bed bug infestation with customers and individuals often deal with this problem at home too. One company works hard to eradicate bed bugs using their Green Bed Bug Heat Solution.

Howard Packaging Offers Custom Recycled Shopping Bags

Howard Packaging, a leader in packaging solutions, offers custom recycled paper shopping bags for businesses that want to provide customers with an environmentally sustainable shopping experience.

Small Business Owner Scott Tucker Organizes River Cleanup

The latest article of Our Family Fun Night's 'Outstanding Outdoors' series focuses on Scott Tucker and his river clean up project. This will be the third consecutive year of the event with more than double the previous record for volunteers signed up.

Elite Bird Now Offers the Ultimate Services of Pigeon Control in Melbourne

The regular presence of Pigeons can damage the aesthetic of any building. With a view to assist individuals in getting rid of Pigeons, Elite Bird is now offering the ultimate services of Pigeon Control in Melbourne. The company uses top class bird netting solutions that act as a versatile barrier that denies birds to any access of the building. The bird netting material used by the company is made from High Density Polyethylene that is ultra-violet resistant and has extra U.V. stabilizers that protects it from water. In order to stop Pigeons coming to the unwanted places, the company uses various systems of netting that includes Bird Shock Track, Bird Spikes, and Trapping etc.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Offers Hard Surface Floor Care for Summer 2015

LogoAfter twenty years in business, Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC has a well-established reputation as one of the best cleaning companies in Bucks County. Customers return to the company because they have come to expect thorough attention to detail and impeccable, professional customer service. Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC is especially well-known for its attention to detail in cleaning hardwood and linoleum residential flooring. The company has just announced that it is now available for hard surface care this summer. Publishes Scary New Statistics Concerning the Drinking Water Supply

Returning holiday makers need to take care, as 50 percent test positive for a superbug bacteria, one that is contracted while they are participating in local, everyday activities. In addition, 50 percent of patients who are hospitalized have a virus or water bacteria based illness. Statistics such as these need to concern all, and many individuals are now opting to make use of a portable water filter.

DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. Preparing Books for Winter 2016

As a property owner, it's never too early to prepare for the winter season. After the grueling winter that caused many business closings and delays, DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. is announcing they are preparing their books and client lists in anticipation of winter 2015-16. When the first snowfall of the season arrives, it's crucial to have a plan in place for snow and ice removal in Philadelphia to avoid slippery walkways and preventable injuries.