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Green Solar Technologies COO Edward Harner Says Rate Increases Likely for PG&E Customers

LogoPacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) customers may see drastic spikes in their electricity bills as a result of the recent lawsuits sparked from the disastrous wildfires in Northern California adding to the already increased electricity rates from increased fossil fuel costs.

There's Still Time to Shop! Five Unique Gift Ideas Sure to Thrill Even the Hardest to Please on Your List

LogoThe holidays are upon us and shopping season is in full swing. Stores are crowded, lines are long and there is that one (or more) person on your shopping list who seems to already have everything!

Junk Rescue Offering Donation Pickup Services This Holiday Season and Beyond

When a home, business, or estate owner in PA or NJ is in need of a heroic rescue from excess clutter, the team from Junk Rescue is ready to step up. The company also takes great pride in giving back to the communities they serve. That's why along with providing exceptional junk and trash removal service across Mercer County, NJ, they are continuing to make it their top priority to donate salvageable items to local charities. With the holiday season here, there is no better time than now to call the heroes at Junk Rescue.

Choice MedWaste Offers Safe Disposal of Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical waste requires a special disposal process to avoid contamination of the environment and public safety concerns. Failure to follow strict pharmaceutical disposal standards can result in health concerns for both employees and patients, and the facility may be cited and issued an expensive fine. From Hazardous to Non-Hazardous medications, Choice MedWaste can help those in need of pharmaceutical medical waste disposal by removing these hazardous chemicals properly, quickly, and safely.

Ace Diversified Services Partners with BizIQ

Ace Diversified Services, a company that offers porta potty, septic and temporary fence rental services (among other services), announced today it has teamed up with BizIQ, a digital marketing company in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in providing its services to small business owners across North America.

WES Water Partners with BizIQ

WES Water, a company serving Arizona with high-quality water purification systems, announced today it has teamed up with BizIQ, a Phoenix-based digital marketing company in that specializes in providing its services to small business owners across North America.

Chattanooga Brewing Partners with SCCi to Save Caves

Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (SCCi), the largest land conservancy in the world solely focused on protecting wild caves, recently announced a new corporate partnership with Chattanooga Brewing.

Solar Might Get Even Cheaper Due to Discovery of New Iron Molecule

LogoSolar might be getting cheaper (again). Over the past 40 years the costs of solar have drastically decreased, with the most substantial decreases occurring in the last decade due to considerable advancements in solar technology. Now, owing to a surprising new discovery, the cost of solar may drop even further.

Solar Overtakes Fossil Fuels for the First Time

Logo2019 is just around the corner, and across the globe observations and statistics indicate that clean, renewable energy production is growing faster than fossil fuels, and multiple studies predict that this trend will continue to grow. Renewable energy investments grew to $297 billion in 2016 (the last time full-year data was collected), while only $143 billion was spent on fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Professional Tank & Environmental Is the First Choice for Homeowners in PA

LogoWhen underground tanks suffer leaks and spills, it is important to have the tank professionally serviced as quickly as possible. Regardless of the time of day, Professional Tank & Environmental is there for when leaks are discovered. Homeowners have trusted the team of technicians at Professional Tank & Environmental for over 20 years.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Helps Renters Clean Before a Move

LogoMoving can be stressful—and an upcoming move can be even more of a pain if movers are at risk of losing their security deposits thanks to a messy apartment. Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC can help renters move easier and with less stress by sanitizing their apartments from head to toe before the big day arrives.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Provides Winter Home Cleaning Services for Better Health

LogoHomeowners who are looking to protect themselves against colds this winter are encouraged to contact the team at Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC to learn about how regular home sanitation can help destroy the bacteria and viruses known to cause illness.

Solar Energy Prices Continue to Plummet

LogoThere has never been a better time than the present to go solar. The cost of solar power has plummeted over the past four decades, with the greatest cost reductions occurring in just the last few years.

Green Solar Technologies COO Edward Harner Releases Q3 2018 Results

LogoThe leading nation-wide solar installation company reported strong sales growth in key markets, expansion into new markets, and robust increase in both revenue and profits.

Honeycomb Hives: A Game-Changing Beekeeping System Launches Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaigns

Honeycomb Hives has proudly announced the release of an all-new and remarkably integrative beekeeping system. Invented by Doug Lambrecht, a North Carolina, USA mountain farmer, this new integrative beekeeping system includes seven attractive hive types, Smart-Frames and his exclusive comb-honey harvest system. Moreover, the startup has recently launched crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and will soon also introduce this system on Indiegogo. Early crowd-funding backers of this fundraising campaign will be rewarded with deep discounts.

Companies Can Turn to Horizon Disposal Services for Winter Projects

Although many construction companies start to see less work during the winter months, any company that is scheduling winter renovation, demolition or construction projects can turn to the experts at Horizon Disposal Services. As the top choice for container rentals in South Jersey, their staff has been happy to serve the Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey areas for years.

Homeowners Should Consider Solar as Investment Alternative in Bear Market Says Green Solar Technologies COO Edward Harner

LogoAfter years of unprecedented growth in equity markets and real estate values, investors with unallocated funds are struggling to find attractive investment vehicles in which to put their hard-earned cash. The stock market seems to have, at best, hit a plateau and housing prices have stagnated or are falling in some markets. Given this economic climate, astute investors with cash, or financial means to borrow, are turning to an alternative vehicle to store and create wealth: home solar energy systems.

Green Solar Technologies Partners with Mission Solar to Support American Manufacturing

LogoGreen Solar Technologies, a leading U.S. installer of residential and commercial solar energy systems has recently entered a partnership with Mission Solar, a San Antonio, Texas-based solar panel manufacturing company whose products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States.

Homeowners Are Turning to Go Green Lawn Services for Winter Lawn Preparation

LogoWhat a lot of homeowners do not understand is that lawn care is not just a seasonal task. Those looking to achieve healthy and vibrant lawns all year round need to care for their lawns just as much in the winter, if not more than in the summer. Go Green Lawn Services is happy to assist homeowners in preparing their lawns for winter with a wide variety of aeration, seeding, and lawn fertilization services in Bucks County.

Introducing Climate Fest, the New Nonstop Event Platform Created to Support the Fight Against Climate Change

LogoIn Kind, an online platform focused on motivating positive solutions to today's problems is launching the groundbreaking event platform, Climate Fest, to raise ongoing funds for the fight against climate change. Recognizing the dire need for society to take more impactful actions in order to prevent the predicted catastrophic effects of climate change, the team behind In Kind is ready to use their talents and experience to create multi-city fundraising events, both live and online. Climate Fest will be an ongoing effort to raise money directly for action-oriented environmental nonprofits, thus empowering those organizations that are on the front lines, actively working to protect the environment and build solutions that can foster a sustainable future.

Choice MedWaste Helps Protect Healthcare Professionals from Accidental Infection

For healthcare professionals, an accidental needlestick from an infected syringe can be a life-altering hazard. From HIV to hepatitis B, medical professionals must safely navigate a number of potential sources of exposure every day. Healthcare professionals and facility managers looking for a more convenient way to protect their health and the health of their employees are encouraged to contact Choice MedWaste to schedule their OSHA-approved biohazardous waste removal or purchase the sharps containers and training necessary to reduce the risk of needle sticks.

Junk Rescue Offering Reliable and Heroic Junk Removal Services to All Customers This Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and that means several things for homeowners across NJ and PA. With there being no place like home for the holidays, it's important to make sure all junk and debris are professionally removed from a property prior to relatives making their holiday visits. The team from Junk Rescue is proudly offering reliable and heroic junk removal services to all customers this holiday season.

Horizon Disposal Services Is Encouraging Businesses to Be Mindful of What They Are Recycling

As 2018 slowly starts to come to an end, many business owners may soon start to look towards how they can make a difference or take their business to the next level. One way Horizon Disposal Services is encouraging businesses to grow is to pay closer mind to what they are or aren't recycling. The cost of lumber and steel can really start to add up for medium to big-sized construction companies.

Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. Offers Roll-off Dumpster Rental to Local Residents and Businesses

Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. (APCON) is helping local residents and business owners with their trash removal needs by providing them with convenient roll-off dumpster rentals. Their dumpsters are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 10 to 40 cubic-yard-capacity. APCON makes their dumpster rental process simple for customers by providing them with reliable delivery, pick-up, and disposal services. With over 40 years of experience, the drivers at APCON have maintained a reputation for always using the most direct routes to ensure that they deliver the product to their customers in a timely fashion.

EleVia Software to Showcase Financial and Service Delivery Products at Deltek Insight 2018

LogoEleVia Software announced that the company will be showcasing its industry-leading financial and service delivery software products at the Deltek Insight 2018 conference November 5-8 at The Gaylord Texan Resort in Dallas, Texas. EleVia Software will be delivering two speaking sessions, providing information in the Insight 2018 Xpo, hosting a user group session and discussing how to improve cash flow and field services delivery via integration with Deltek Vision® and Deltek Vantagepoint®.