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Antimatter Asteroids Could Be Partially Responsible for the Recent Wildfires in California

LogoThere have been a number of rapid wildfires recently sweeping through California. The cause of the fires is unclear to many, but Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli suggests that some of them they may in fact be due to antimatter asteroids.

AAA Scene Cleaners Offers Medical Waste Pick Up in Dallas and Denton Texas

LogoDallas has seen a plethora of medical waste disposal in the recent years. However, Dallas Fort Worth area now relies upon AAA Scene Cleaners for medical waste removal. The company has been offering the service since 2004. With time, the company has gained a reputation as the first choice for medical waste removal.

AAA Scene Cleaners Top Choice for Medical Waste Pick Up and Biohazard Waste Disposal in Dallas and Denton Texas

LogoSince the inception, AAA Scene Cleaners has offered medical waste pick up in Dallas and Denton Texas with efficiency. From the very onset, AAA Scene Cleaners has focused on quality workforce. The company hires only highly skilled professionals who have spent years in the crime cleanup services. The team of experts who works for AAA Scene Cleaners has dedicated their time and skill to make things better for the locals of Dallas.

Radiesthesia Project: An Integral Online Dowsing Teaching Program Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoPascal, an energy therapist and dowser from Switzerland has proudly announced the launch of Radiesthesia Project. The project now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and it is all about the creation of a smart and modern course of dowsing to help people from around the world in finding natural water underground. And much more ! Pascal is now welcoming everyone to generously support him on Kickstarter and he aims on making this project accessible to everyone to learn at home on a simple and efficient way.

SUAOKI On-the-Go AC/DC/USB Power Bank S270 Now Available on Indiegogo

LogoA tech company named Suaoki recently released a product called S270. It's their newest invented backup power supply, or portable charging station as they called it. This unit is developed exclusively for people who frequently travel for business, studying, or for emergencies. The concept of S270 is actually quite similar to the power bank one might carry for their smartphone, except it's much more powerful, and can work as AC wall outlets. And it works with solar panels and 12-volt accessory socket in cars.

Sgt. Scrap Helps Recyclers Distinguish Scrap Metal

Residents who have a large amount of scrap metal to sell are encouraged to make sure that no trash has gotten mixed into their collection by reading this month's post on Sgt. Scrap's blog, which helps residents determine the difference between material that can be sold as scrap and that which should be thrown away.

Sgt. Scrap Helps Residents Earn Extra Cash for Old Scrap Metal

Residents who have an unsightly pile of scrap metal hanging around their property are encouraged to contact Sgt. Scrap, who provides money for scrap metal in Philadelphia.

Alfonso Faubel Joins Sentient Science from Alstom GE as New Chief Revenue Officer, President of Europe

LogoAlfonso Faubel has joined Sentient Science as Chief Revenue Officer of Energy & President of Europe, reporting to Chief Executive Officer Ward Thomas. His office will be based out of Spain.

Seattle-Tacoma Biohazard Cleanup Company Has Wide Range of Expertise

LogoBio Clean is a biohazard cleanup company that serves many communities in Washington state, including Seattle and suburbs like Renton, Everett, and Redmond. They have a wide reach, so they are also available to residents of Olympia, Washington. One of the things that stands out about this particular organization is the fact that they can effectively respond to different types of crime cleanup scenarios.

Busy Bee Cleaning Company Aims to Get Homes Clean for the Upcoming Holiday Season

With stores already decorated for the holidays, it can seem like they are already on their way. Because of this, Busy Bee Cleaning Company aims to get homes clean for the upcoming holiday season. This year, let the professionals at Busy Bee Cleaning Company help with the holiday cleaning for a stress-free and relaxed holiday occasion. The experienced team at Busy Bee Cleaning Company is always prepared for whatever cleaning task needs to be accomplished, and they take pride in offering excellent customer service.

Tri-County Cleaning Services Inc Offers Host of Janitorial Services in Sunrise Florida

LogoThose in search of a company for janitorial services in Sunrise FL or commercial office cleaning in Coral Springs FL can now be rest assured that help is ready at hand. Tri-County Cleaning Services Inc., has been around for more than 25 years now and they are a family owned and operated business that understands the value of cleanliness especially of the commercial premises. They are very thorough with their work, never giving a chance to their clients' for a complaint. Years of hard work and dedication has helped them gather a good name, and they go the extra mile to keep up with the expectations of their client.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Is Cleaning Homes During the Winter of 2017

LogoIn terms of affordability, and reliability, few cleaning companies have the testimonies and reputation that Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC can proudly call its own. Serving the communities of NJ, and PA with weekly and biweekly deep cleanings and maintenance, their staff have been bringing the highest quality to their profession for over 25 years. As a reputable and established cleaning company, Minch has the insurance, equipment, and the personnel to carry out any cleaning, on any scale. With 24/7 availability, and a flexibility that their competitors cannot match, they are cleaning homes and residencies during the winter of 2017.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Is Cleaning Up Businesses in the Winter of 2017

LogoIf a business is in need of a commercial cleaning service that caters to areas like Doylestown, PA, there are few options as sensible as Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC. Handling everything from offices spaces, restaurants, residences, and retail spaces, they're equipped to clean facilities of any size, in any industry. Minch has the staff, the care and the expertise to ensure the satisfaction of every customer they meet. With a highly flexible and accommodating schedule, they can coordinate cleanings that suit their customers and their busy operations. Serving Bucks County for over 25 years, their staff are cleaning businesses through the winter of 2017.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. Announces Rodent Exterminator Services Are Available

Johnny Bugs, Inc. announces rodent exterminator services are available. For some people, no other pest is more feared than the rodent. Everyone knows that these tiny, furry animals have small teeth that can chew right through packaged food and clothing. When rodents infest a home or office, damage can be almost instant. It's important to be mindful if rodents have taken over a residence or a business because these creatures can also pose health problems to those frequenting the space. Thankfully, Johnny Bugs, Inc. is equipped to handle these pests as soon as they become an issue.

New Novel Program Nudidante Nade Is Launched by APD & MCC

APD and Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has launched a novel program called Nudidante Nade. This program is under the Smart Swaccha Mangaluru project initiative by Anti-Pollution Drive (APD) Foundation and is focused on a set of targeted campaigns, workshops and training sessions to help achieve segregation at source (at generator level).

ImageFIRST Announces Regulated Medical Waste Services Promotion

LogoImageFIRST, a provider of healthcare laundry and linen services in Mobile, AL, and throughout the country, is currently offering a free month of service or a $35 Visa gift card to medical facilities in Georgia who schedule an in-person courtesy assessment of their medical waste services.

Choice MedWaste Offers a Local Choice for Medical Waste Disposal

People searching for a local source for medical waste removal and sharps waste disposal in Lancaster County are encouraged to contact Choice MedWaste, a locally owned company that has been providing consistently high-quality and fast medical waste removal with the customer service that can only come from a local business.

Pazeto Maids Cleaning Service Now Offers Gift Cards for Special Occasions

LogoResidents who are looking for a unique gift to give a friend or family member during a special time in their life are encouraged to give the gift of professional house cleaning services in Montgomery County, PA with an e-gift card from Pazeto Maids Cleaning Service. This company offers gift cards that are perfect for any special occasion.

Pet Waste Peeps: The Ultimate Solution to Clean Pet Waste Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoSakelarios Kouskoutis, the founder of Pet Waste Peeps has proudly announced that he is introducing the ultimate pet waste cleaning solution to the world via Indiegogo. Sakelarios is a Marine Vet from Portland, United States and he has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to seek community support and to raise funds. The most amazing fact about this pet waste cleaning solution is that all the work is done through downloading just one mobile application.

Rentokil Pest Control Malaysia Partners with the Ministry of Health to Improve Food Safety

LogoOne of the main concerns in our everyday lives involves safe food for consumption. As much as consumers try to avoid contaminated food, there are limited means to assure that food is safe before consumption. In 2015 alone, there were 266,319 hospitalisations recorded in Malaysia where 15,346 were due to food related illnesses such as food poisoning, typhoid, cholera, dysentery etc.

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Shares if Malaysians' Attitude Are Contributing to Increasing Dengue Cases

LogoWorld Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that Malaysia is in the top 10 list of countries with the highest dengue cases globally. As of September 2017, a total of 69,603 dengue cases has been recorded in Malaysia. As if that isn't worrying enough, Ministry of Health (MOH) also shared that 175 Malaysians have died from the deadly disease this year. Tropical countries like Malaysia are magnet to mosquitoes as they are attracted to warm, humid places with plenty of access to still water.

WRS Dumpster Rental Helps Residents Manage Clean-Outs

Residents who are in need of help managing a large cleaning project are encouraged to contact WRS Dumpster Rental to rent a dumpster in Baltimore County that will help to make large cleaning events easier to manage. Renting a dumpster can be particularly useful when it comes to cleaning out an office building or old home.

The Seattle Crime Scene Cleaners That Never Sleep

LogoBio Clean is a team of crime scene cleaners serving the Seattle-Tacoma area that encompasses Redmond and Everett, and they also respond to biohazard cleanup calls in Olympia, Washington. This type of work is very challenging, and it is certainly not for everyone. People who get involved in this business have to deal with human tissue, blood, and other bodily fluids, and many individuals are too squeamish to become crime scene cleaners. Plus, it is not an easy field to get into for people that are willing to take on the physical challenges, because it takes an extensive amount training to gain the necessary certifications. Releases Report Saying Bed Bug Infestation Is Rampant but Victims Can Win over Humiliating Bites

LogoA new report from says that bed bug infestation has increasingly become a pressing problem in public spaces rather than in individual households. Hostels, university dorms, schools, and laundries are posing a risk of picking up these bloodsuckers and bringing them to homes. Cases of terrible bed bug infestations detected this fall have made headlines in a flurry of media reports. Some victims have to resort to such measures as staging protests amid ongoing infestations to defend their right to a decent life. Not only do these bites result in red welts which are extremely itchy and painful, but they also make the victims feel humiliated about their appearance because bed bugs are traditionally associated with dirtiness and unhygienic conditions at home.

Junk Rescue Crews Are Tearing out and Removing Appliances in Autumn 2017

When homes and businesses are brimming and burdened with junk, they see the red cape of the Junk Rescue crew. Wherever all that junk is hiding and piling, their personnel swing by, rip out, and recycle what they can. As a same-day, same-service, eco-friendly company, they're equipped to handle all requests. Between the removal and hauling of appliances in Burlington County, all the loading and labor is covered by them. Heroically heeding the call, they're tearing out customers' appliances all throughout the fall of 2017.